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Today, I salute Mitt Romney for backing out of the race for the Republican nomination to stand for the election of president of these states united.

    Today, I salute Mitt Romney for backing out of the race for the Republican nomination to stand for the election of president of these states united. Yesterday, Mitt, AKA Governor Romney, stood down from initiating a run for that nomination, and he bowed out gracefully, and with great dignity, stating: "I've decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party the opportunity to become our next nominee."

    The remarkable side of this story is that Governor Mitt Romney is polling far ahead of all other Republicans currently seeking the nomination, and even ahead of the presumed Democrat nominee Hillary B. Clinton. Mr. Romney considered making his third run for the highest office in the land, but ultimately withdrew his ambitions for the selfless aspiration of the good of the country.

    At the core of his devotion to the Republic, Mitt believed that the nation would be better served by a Republican who would have the youthful vigor to campaign heartily, and the principled inspiration to lift the nation from some of its darkest days, which these days certainly are. Governor Romney should be commended for such lofty ideals expressed.

    While the former Massachusetts governor may not be the Conservative's first or second choice to lead our nation out of this overwhelming malaise, there is no patriot drawing full lungs of breath that does not know in their heart of hearts that Mr Romney would not have been a good president, and far more outstanding than The Amateur, presently posing and taking up space in the hallowed halls of the White House. In fact, during the last campaign, Community Organizer Obama led a chorus of Liberals laughs regailing Candidate Romney's alarms that Russia was, indeed, still our enemy under Vladimir Putin, and that Barack Hussein's unprovoked unilateral surrender in Iraq would leave a vacuum that would be filled by Islamist Terrorists. While Liberals laughed at the Republican nominee, both events came into fruition early in Amateur Obama's second term.

Governor Mitt Romney wins the First Presidential Debate, Ocetber 3, 2012: Above.
    And even though Governor Romney was right then, it is, possibly, undeniable that Mr. Romney may be wrong now as the Republican nominee to win the presidency to restore our nation. At one point in the 2012 presidential election, during the debates and after the first debate on the economy, where Romney schooled the Community Organizer, Romney had a chance to deal the knockout blow to young Hussein, and capture the presidency for the better patriots of America.

    The Benghazi terrorist attack was not yet the OMG protected debacle played out as the unrecognized scandal by Liberals, but even then, weeks after the September 11th attack, it was still a stain on our great nation as recognized well by real patriots. Hussein Obama was then, as he is now, unable to recognize who our true enemy was, and is. As America's worst foreign policy president in modern times, The Amateur was ripe for the picking. All that stood in Governor Romney's way was the act of playing it safe in that Foreign Policy Debate, that big ole Candy Crowley as the debate's moderator.

    When Amateur Obama mounted his pathetic defense of in distinguishing our enemy, from all others, he called on the Obama Media Group's representative, Ms. Crowley, as if a child looking out from behind her skirt tails, and some rather wide skirt tails they were. This was Romney's Waterloo, where rather than press them both into a pulp, he played it safe. Instead of rising with patriotic indignation, Mr. Romney hesitated, and rather considered whether he would lose the vote of the squishy Middlecrat by appearing too oppressive to their quasi-liberal sensibilities. It was a huge tactical mistake.

    Mr. Romney, by acquiescing, rather than valiantly proving the truth, was successful in appearing moderated to the Middlecrats; however, lost enough of the Republican base, in the bargain, that he lost the election. It was a judgement call, and Mitt lost by seeking the road more traveled.

Here below is the segment of the Foreign Policy Debate, where the OMG's Candy Crowley rose to defend her master, and later admitted that she was wrong to do so. It was still a pathetic piece of journalism for the, literally, 'larger than life' Crowley: Below

    As much as I respect Mr Romney for his intelligence and his sense of values, I knew right then and there, with Obama's Media Group working feveraihly for their Messiah, that it was over for the former governor. When New Jersey Republican governor Chris Christie was photo-opped loving on the Democrat's president in the wake of Hurricane Sandy just days before the election ... well, it was just the 'icing on the cake' for The Amateur.

    In this next presidential election of 2016, like Barack Hussein, the mush-minded liberal, unprincipled media will back the Democrat candidate, which, by acclimation, will most probably be Hillary B. Clinton. The allure of making Ms. B. Clinton the first woman president will be just too intoxicating for the unprincipled Democrat main stream media to ignore.

    Understanding this assured truth, real Republicans realize that their nominated champion will need to be unrelentingly tough, as well as far more intelligent than the former first lady, and, ultimately, their campaign must be prosecuted with great vigor. Ms. B. Clinton will have continue to the specter of the Benghazi scandal hanging over her anointed head, as she was complicit in the cover-up, which will be finally explored in the U.S. House, under the direction of chairman Trey Gowdy - a true bulldog of a former prosecutor from South Carolina. The former Secretary of State will also have Obama's failed foreign policy, on every front, which she engineered for The Amateur hindering her prospects. With today's media fractured between those that seek the truth, and the unprincipled Main Stream sect, Ms. B. Clinton will not have a clear path, regardless of the benefit of her gender.

    It will be a fierce 2016 campaign to save America from the abuse of those who have used our government for their own infamous benefit. Mitt Romney is an American patriot for backing out of the limelight, and 'giving other leaders in the Party the opportunity to become our next nominee'. He is truly a stand-up guy, and would have made a fabulous president in 2012, and, or 2016.

In this new year of possibilities: What should be our greatest concerns?
4.32%   Rapacious cries of Racism by the classes of White/Black Privilege's keen sense of entitlement.
89.93%   The abject evil of Satanic murderous Muslims bent on the destruction of Jews and Christians.
5.76%   Global Warming, or is it Climate Change ... or is it Climate Disruption now?
139 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

Regarding the recent Senate Interrogation Report, should America's Intelligence agency have not used enhanced interrogation, on nearly 40 suspected terrorists, to extract valuable information in the wake of 9/11?
8.51%   Yes, the destruction of the twin towers and nearly 3,000 American lives does not justify this.
87.94%   No, I actually remember 9/11, and I am thankful for my government keeping my family safe.
3.55%   I don't remember 9/11 or I just don't care, and I have the freedom to enjoy my apathy.
141 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

Should we have this much discussed 'National Discussion' on Race, and, furthermore, will all parties tolerate the process and the outcome?
4.73%   Yes, Race divides Americans, which gives us two societies, two sets of benefits.
73.37%   Yes, Race is the foundation of who we are, but should not determine who we become.
21.89%   No, Race to me is NASCAR.
169 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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