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      Sunday, May 3, 2015       Amphibian Read and Hike       2:00 pm

    This self-guided hike will lead you down our beautiful Palmetto Boardwalk where you will find a variety of short poems and stories based on amphibians. The boardwalk goes through prime habitat for many of our amphibian species. So keep your eyes and ears open in search of these amazing critters. The hike will be set up from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., so come at your convenience. Please stop in the park visitor center to get a map before beginning.

      Saturday, May 9, 2015       Ticks, Chiggers and Mosquitos       2:00 pm

    Learn about everyone’s least favorite critters, how to avoid them, get rid of them and what diseases they can potentially carry. Meet in the visitor center.

      Tuesday, May 12, 2015       Tar Kiln Hike       10:00 am
Goose Creek State Park can best be personified by this image: Above.     photo by Stan Deatherage     Click image to expand.

    Take a hike down the Tar Kiln Trail to see the evidence that remains from the naval stores industry that supplied tar, pitch and turpentine to much of the world during the 18th and 19th centuries. Meet at the Ivey Gut Trail parking lot.

      Saturday, May 16, 2015       National Kids to Park Day       2:00 pm

    Load the kids up and head out to visit Goose Creek State Park. You will be led on an awesome adventure through one of our swamps. We will stop and catch a variety of critters for the kids to view. Some may be big, some may be small. You never know what you will find in nature’s playground, but we will do our best to make this day unforgettable! Please meet at the park visitor center. You may want to bring water, sunscreen and bug spray.

      Saturday, May 23, 2015       Palmetto Boardwalk Hike       2:00 pm

    Take a walk through a hardwood swamp and see how it’s changing into a marsh. Meet at the visitor center.

      Sunday, May 24, 2015       Mallard Creek Hike       2:00 pm

    Go for a one-mile hike down to the water on Mallard Creek. We’ll be walking through a Loblolly Pine plantation and end up in an old mixed stand of Loblolly Pine and hardwoods that are draped with Spanish Moss. We’ll discuss what this area would have looked like when the early settlers arrived and also some of the ecology of the forest, Mallard Creek and the Pamlico River. Meet in the last parking lot.

      Saturday, June 6, 2015       National Trails Day       2:00 pm

    Celebrate National Trails Day with a ¾ mile hike along the Ivey Gut Trail. Bring water and bug spray. Meet in the campground parking lot at the entrance to the campground.

      Tuesday, June 9, 2015       National Trails Day       10:00 am

    We will discuss the industry that shaped the Southeastern US from colonial times up until the early 1900s, see what our area looked like before this industry, while it was happening, and the results that we are left with now. Meet in the visitor center.

      Saturday, June 13, 2015       National Get Outdoors Day       10:00 am

    Celebrate “National Get Outdoors Day” with Goose Creek State Park. We are offering a short half-mile hike that goes through a beautiful pine forest and along the gorgeous Pamlico River. After the hike we encourage you to enjoy the park even more by packing a picnic lunch, grilling, swimming at our swim beach or even exploring more of our diverse and beautiful hiking trails. Please meet in the last parking lot.

      Saturday, June 20, 2015       Black Bears       2:00 pm

    Meet at the visitor center for a power point presentation about North Carolina’s native bear.

      Sunday, June 21, 2015       Discovery Room       2:00 pm

    Bring the family out to see examples of many of the mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds that live in the different habitats at Goose Creek State Park. Afterwards, feel free to hike the Palmetto Boardwalk and try to spot some of the animals you’ve seen. Meet in the visitor center.


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