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    Ever since Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson formed their political groups and began to consciously influence US politics, we have had a problem. According to the IRS regs they should lose their tax-exempt / non-profit status for advocating politics in a religious frame. The IRS is always hesitant to attack religious fanatics because they always cry "DISCRIMINATION" and "you hate religion." It is a no win situation and I am tired of it.

    We now have another group coming to life which reflects some real religion outside the Conservative definition: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rev-chuck-currie/the-christian-left-has-a-voice-in-2016_b_7996210.html

    Here are the highlights of the article:

         •  "All roads to the White House run through Iowa and South Carolina for GOP candidates, and that means courting the religious right. It creates a dilemma as the positions they take against birth control and immigration reform -- sweet tea for the folks at the Values Voters Summit - just don't resonate with moderate voters including the Christian left and progressives seeking environmental protection, economic growth and a world where diplomacy comes before war.

         •  Some GOP candidates, like Governor Scott Walker, have gone so far as to say God wants them to run for president:

         •  The Bible makes it abundantly clear that not only is it the individual's responsibility to care for the least of these, it is also the responsibility of governments and employers. God gets very upset when governments abdicate these responsibilities throughout the Bible, in Jeremiah, Isaiah, Amos, and throughout. In fact, it is the very reason he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

         •  What you'll find in our membership," according to Sandlin, "are Christians frustrated with GOP leaders who proclaim to be Christian while working to oppose immigration reform, when Scripture tells us to welcome the stranger. Just as frustrating are those candidates that use the Bible to justify discrimination against gays and women. Those candidates are misusing faith for political gain."

         •  Members of The Christian Left will not endorse a candidate this primary season. "A lot of our members are supportive of Bernie Sanders' economic agenda, but there is strong support as well for Hillary Clinton. Many are impressed by her work on behalf of women and her agenda fighting college debt," say Toy. "We intend to give all the candidates a place to be heard."

         •  "In the end, no one from The Christian Left is going to tell you that you cannot be a good Christian if you vote for or against one candidate," says Rev. Sandlin. "What we will do is push hard to make sure progressive Christians voices are heard and counted to help move the nation in a more compassionate direction."

    In 1974 I was a pastor in SC when the political moves of the Moral Majority started their activities. It amounted to sending me bulletin inserts prior to Election Day. Strangely---ALL the Democrats were portrayed as if they were demons with forked tongues / any Republican was sprouting angel wings and halos! Anyone with any sense could figure that one out. My choice as a pastor of a tax-exempt / non-profit church was to put them in file 13 rather than letting such trash influence voters in some way or another.

    My personal position always was: "I don't care who you vote for---just exercise your right to vote this Tuesday!" That is proper, in my view. To do otherwise is a violation of separation of church and state --- in which Baptists used to believe. Since Conservatives took over it is no longer the case. It is but one example of how the Conservative promise has DESTROYED a basic principle of a formerly great denomination for sending missionaries.

    Whenever we say, "God bless America," you can believe that God does NOT BLESS A MESS!

    The Conservative Resurgence which took over the Southern Baptist Convention in the 80's now has them downsizing their missionary force by some 40% BECAUSE the mega church pastors who conceived it do not give to outside causes and their churches typically give a minimum amount of money to the Cooperative Program which funds the missionary enterprise. It was second only to the Roman Catholics in size at the time it started. The main topic of that Houston meeting was Bold Mission Thrust and the use of satellite technology through their Baptist Telnet transponder to enable anyone on earth to hear the Gospel message that had a dish antenna.

    All that dreaming went away when the big fight started and they are the mess that can't be blessed by God anymore. Pat Robertson bought the transponder to put his message out to America and then he failed in a run for the White House.
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( October 5th, 2015 @ 5:51 am )
Good short article but God can bless a mess and the left will vote as individuals. You mixed reference highlights with personal history and opinions. The final conclusion that all dreaming went away is pure speculation.

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