Obama Cried | Eastern North Carolina Now | Obama, the reluctant leader of the Free World, weeps because of the 2nd Amendment's power to arm law abiding citizens. And we were there.

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    Obama, the reluctant leader of the Free World, weeps because of the 2nd Amendment's power to arm law abiding citizens. And we were there.

    He did not weep for those left to die at Benghazi, but lied to the World instead.

    He does not weep for the soldier's sacrifice surrendered by his action to cut and run in the Middle East.

    He does not weep for the economic depression of Kentucky and West Virginia that he alone caused.

    He does not weep for all the officers murdered by lawless gun toting thugs.

    He does not weep for all the lawless murders in Chicago, from whence he hails, long a bastion of Democrat politics.

    He does not weep for ISIS advancing throughout the world, and other Muslim Terrorists, murdering Christians abroad, and, now, here within America's shores.

    He does not weep for those that have sacrificed all, so that he might chip away pieces of their selfless patriotism and sacrifice, so that he may sell their labors to future Democrat voters, who will not contribute or are here illegally.

    He does not weep when he tramples the constitution, and is now losing very badly in the Supreme Court, and will continue to lose long after he, thankfully, leaves office.

    But, he passionately weeps now as he plays politics to use executive action to endeavor skirting around congress to weaken the 2nd Amendment, a right that he is not empowered to understand.

    These are the actions of a false president, a non patriot, and, he will never be forgiven by the vast majority of true patriots.

    And that is a significant, and sustaining truth.

Should America accept Syrian refugees right now, as prescribed by the Obama Administration, or should Congress legislate to pause the process until a more proven vetting apparatus is in place to inhibit possible ISIS infiltrators?
10.84%   Yes, Obama is right, we should show the refugees compassion, and admit them as soon as is possible.
79.52%   No, Congress is right, we should pause the process to be more certain that terrorists aren't among them.
9.64%   It does not matter.
83 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

Considering the fact that the Democrat Mainstream media has taken a "hands-off" policy in regards to Democrat scandals for the purpose of providing cover to a Democrat Department of Justice's choices to not pursue criminal indictments on proved Democrat criminal behavior: Is there a double standard for the Democrat Mainstream media?
88.41%   Yes, what is the practice for the Republicans should be proper for Democrats.
7.25%   No, Democrats should be immune from serious investigation and prosecution because they care so much more.
4.35%   I don't care, I prefer the low-information approach to life.
69 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

If you could vote today for one of the Republican front runners for the GOP primary nomination: Who would it be?
11.07%   Donald Trump
26.64%   Ben Carson
13.52%   Carly Fiorina
2.87%   Jeb Bush
33.61%   Ted Cruz
12.3%   Marco Rubio
244 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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