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    Yesterday, the White House joyfully announced that the U.S. had admitted President Barack Obama's 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country. So where are they going: the top state destination for refugee influx are the states run by leftist governors in Michigan and California.

    Despite President Barack Obama and his hopeful successor Hillary Clinton continuing an open-door policy for Muslim refugees fleeing the turmoil in Syria, Iraq and other regions, they have been purposely mum about the number of Christian refugees being brought into the U.S.

    "While no one says that some Muslim men, women and children aren't victims of the Islamic terrorists' barbarity, Christians are being forced to convert to Islam or be killed. Also, practitioners of an ancient religion, the Yazidis, are also being chased from their homes and killed," said former counter-terrorism training officer and American police detective George Tobiaso. "My question for Obama and Clinton if I were the news media would be: 'how many Christians are there in the latest 10.ooo refugees entering our cities and towns?'" said Capt. Tobiaso.

    The career law enforcement and security professional points to reports surfacing on Tuesday that focus on the cruelty and mercilessness of the Islamists. According to several news reports from outlets in the United States and Europe, more than 70 mass graves were discovered in Iraq and Syria containing thousands of decaying bodies killed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other Islamic terrorist groups who buried the victims of their atrocities.

    Michael Scheuer, former Chief of the CIA [Osama] bin Laden unit, offered a recent perspective on presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: "A likely felon/traitor who is utterly dependent on her sexual-predator husband, has accomplished nothing in her life except a superb talent for deceit, and the gains made by her family's graft, influence peddling, and corruption. This is a person so devoid of integrity, honesty, and character that her two major concerns seem to be to pocket more lucre for herself, and to ensure that human babies always can be profitably murdered, dismembered, and sold for parts right up to their due date."

    Speaking about President Barack Obama, Scheuer said, "Barack Obama, the pride of the Ivy League, the darling of the media, and a man who can only be described as ignorant, stupid, or a liar. In his oh-so-superior speech to the convention, Obama said that Hillary Clinton was the most prepared/experienced candidate for the presidency in U.S. history, adding 'better than you or me Bill.' Well, Obama was right on one count, he is certainly the least-prepared person ever to be president."

    As many as 15,000 victims - men, women and children - slaughtered during the occupation of towns and villages by ISIS, a group known for executing Christians, may be buried in the sites across territory that was occupied by ISIS, Al Nusra Front or other radical Muslims.
One of many mass graves in Sinjar, Iraq, where thousands of Yazidis were exceuted and buried by ISIS.

    According to the Homeland Security News Wire, "The [Associated Press] used satellite imagery, photos, and interviews, to find the location of seventeen mass graves in Syria and sixteen mass graves in Iraq - although the latter are in areas still too dangerous to excavate. AP says from 5,200 to more than 15,000 ISIS victims are buried in the graves it knows about."

    Few if any are being held accountable for the heinous crimes. Besides the killings, much of Iraq's Christian community have been ripped from their ancestral homes in Nineveh. The jihadists are also responsible for the destruction of Christians' cultural heritage. However, while Obama frets over Islamophobia, hardly anything is said about the horrors being faced by followers of Jesus Christ.

    Many more mass graves may be found once Isis retreats after losing ground outside of Iraqi cities of Mosul and Raqqa which remain under jihadists' control.

  • Contact: Jim Kouri
  •     COPmagazine@aol.com

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