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    If you are assaulted or called as a witness, you will need a quiet room to remember all five senses involved with no interruptions or deadlines. Your memory will not be 'Total Recall'.

    Memory is not designed for modern use. Gorillas do not need great memory banks. Only the Memory contests are exact and those skills require retention for an hour or so. During the contest some wear ear plugs and dark glasses to block distractions.

    The rubber hits the road when you witness a crime and interviewed by police. I witnessed a crime where I recorded the license plate and pulled beside the get-away car to view the young thief. He ran the red light and I lost sight. Long story short memory contest and eye witness of crimes require different skills.

    Here are videos for research:

    Conclusion: Recall is half the problem with memory. Paper and pen are the best memory devices. Calendars and diaries and dated documents are reliable. I use the Notes app on my cell phone and have paper and pen in pocket. Even younger, I had false memories and erroneous zones. I have no memory of a 100 on a test paper. But, my memory is better than average.

    Hopefully Mean Girls will not lie but be ready. Good luck guys and avoid too much beer.
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( October 9th, 2018 @ 4:32 pm ) Professor Giuliana Memory Lecture

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