COVID-19 Is Not Trying to Kill Me but Cooper Might | Beaufort County Now | The more our "Fearless leader" Governor Cooper, delays returning the state to normal the more likely he is going to kill many seniors or others with ongoing issues. | beaufort observer, coronavirus, covid-19, governor, roy cooper, shutdown, july 22, 2020

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

COVID-19 Is Not Trying to Kill Me but Cooper Might

    The more our "Fearless leader" Governor Cooper, delays returning the state to normal the more likely he is going to kill many seniors or others with ongoing issues. I unfortunately may be one of them. I start to wonder if Cooper has found a way to implement the "Death Panels" that were hidden in Obama Care.

    Let me start by explaining a few of my issues. I have had both knees replaced, shoulder surgery and in the beginning of the year Cancer surgery. With God's help I have defeated cancer. I also have developed a breathing issue which until recently was under control. With all these issues I have been leading a productive life and had the ability to work out at a gym at a regular basis.

    Then we get COVID19 national scare and Cooper and other Democratic Governors decide to shut down the state and keep it shut on such a limited basis it is affecting the lives of many in a negative way. For this discussion we will not even discuss the economic effects of the shutdown.

    It is now the later part of July and where are we? Gyms are still closed and masks are becoming the required norm. Isolationism at some form is also the norm. Allow me to explain further.

    Although as age catches up with me, I have been able to minimize the effects through workouts at the gym. Gyms are closed by the imperial decree our Governor/Dictator Roy Cooper. His excuse is all about the possibility of sharing the virus through close contact. I assume if I chose to work out in close contact while demonstrating or rioting that would and is acceptable to our Governor. Further if I wanted exercise it would be allowed so long as I am ripping down monuments or defacing them. Rioting or theft from businesses might also be an acceptable substitute. None of these actions are acceptable to me. JUST OPEN THE GYMS!!!

    The next issue is face masks. For me wearing one affects my breathing. I know supposedly if you have such an issue you are exempt from the policy. However, as the Governor tightens the screw on businesses, try entering a retail store without one. Again it should be a personal freedom to wear or not wear especially if it negatively affects you. Our "leader" has many businesses so scared of losing their licenses and being shut down this is not a real option for those that need it to be.

    Reality is unless we allow the virus to spread among "the herd" (all of us) this will never end. Until the greater majority of NC people have been exposed and developed an immunity the virus outbreaks will continue to occur and masks, social distancing and business closures will be the norm. The statistics do not support this type of actions. The World death rate from COVID19 is 4.2%. It is based on 597,546 deaths and 14,104,033 confirmed cases worldwide. Information is as of July 18th and supplied by the John Hopkins Center.

    I decided to look further at various levels. The CDC reports 137,864 deaths from the virus out of 3,555,877 confirmed US cases (latest data as of July 17th.) That is a death rate of 3.87% or in other words over 96% of those contracting the disease recover.

    I then decided to look at Coopers own stats as reported by the State of NC. As of the 18th North Carolina total deaths were 1,629. There were 97,958 confirmed cases in the state. That is a mortality rate of 1.66% or in other words over 98% of the people contracting the disease are recovering. In fact these are only a total of 1,154 people state wide hospitalized with the disease. If fact I tend to question that number as the Feds are paying extra in reimbursement if your patient is suffering from COVID19. In fact the latest reports from several states indicate over inflated positive numbers in testing.

    Sure our testing results are growing as we are testing more people. Yet with all that the mortality rate remains low. In fact NC has tested 1,379,143 people. The Feds have tested over 3.5 million people and the world over 44 million.

    Back to people like me that these dictates are harming. I am fortunate I have found a gym and have a doctor's note to begin working out. However the damage is done and I hope I can reverse it. I have further developed a heart issue that will require additional treatment through hospitalization shortly. Hopefully the problem can be reversed and I can continue to get heathier through workouts. Maybe the Governor will help businesses understand the masks can be a greater danger to some than the virus. I am fortunate in the fact I do not live alone. This isolationism is also causing great emotional issues with those that live alone or in homes that friends and relatives cannot visit.

    Yes for me and others like me COVID19 will not get us but Cooper is doing his best to so so!!!! Open the state. Let us get back to work and to schools!!! Let those who wish to wear masks do so and others the freedom not to!! Remember until herd immunity is reached this could go on forever or as i suspect from our governor's viewpoint until after election day!!!


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