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    Money is what we use to buy things. Wealth is the money we have remaining after we have paid for our living expenses. Once money becomes wealth it should never be used for living expenses. Comfort in life comes from our accumulated wealth. We dig into wealth only during hard times.

    You may wonder why I am concerned about the relationship between money and wealth. We, at least for the time being, live within a capitalist form of government which allows us to accumulate wealth. That is a surplus or a savings of money. There are forces working to change our form of government.

    The recent shut downs of industry and commerce force our citizens to use their wealth to survive economically. Thus, destroying their wealth. The destruction of wealth, whether our personal wealth or, or businesses wealth ultimately leads to bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can lead to revolution and communism.

    Recent actions of our government fly in the face of capitalism. Supposedly all government leaders are concerned about the citizens of the United States being able to buy food, pay our rent and pay our utility bills. Until now, our form of government has expected each of us including, businesses, to provide for ourselves. The whole concept of freedom is that we look after ourselves and that the citizens and businesses contribute to the government in the form of taxes. The citizens look after the government, not the government looking after citizens.

    Communist and socialist governments convince the masses that it is up to the government to provide food and shelter for the citizens and that no person is entitled to more of anything than any other person. There can be no wealth, no surplus, no savings with this form of government. We know this kind of equality is a big lie, the leaders always live well.

    Look at this election year proposals from the Democrats, socialists and communists. All proposals go toward confiscation of wealth. Special taxes on the wealthy, elimination of debt for all, government subsidies for everything, from food, rent, mortgage payments school debt, etc, etc.

    We all should be alarmed that the Republicans have been suckered into going along with these beliefs. Both Democrats and Republicans believe that we can print enough money to sustain an economic system in which only a part of us work.

    We are now debating how to finalize our march into communism. Kruschev was right, we have brought this on ourselves.

    If Donald John Trump is not re elected President of the Unite States capitalist freedom is dead.

    The lock downs, and the seizing of power by Democrats with the approval of the majority of the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) is the most important political event in the history of the United States since the War Between the States.

    Some of you who have wealth may sit back and say, "I have this and I have that wealth, they cannot get to me". In every communist/socialist country, bank accounts and stocks were quickly confiscated either directly or thru subterfuge. Having hard money, whether paper dollars, gold or silver will do you no good. It will be confiscated. New money will be issued. Those spending the gold and silver will be turned in to the police and prosecuted as enemies of the state (yes we will have a new police force).

    It is becoming more and more obvious that the corona virus is not much different from any other virus. Those who are infirm usually succumb to it. The young are little affected, an those with some infirmities have a difficult time with it. The significant thing about this virus is that it more devastating to the lungs than other viruses. The numbers who have died are not radically different from the numbers who died from past virus epidemics.

    We should have simply practiced what we knew had worked very well in the past and quarantined the sick and allowed the healthy to keep the economy going.

    Books will be written about how the government got conned into shutting down (destroying) itsself over a pack of liars and communists.

    We have only one shot at saving ourselves, our government and our economy. That is the November elections. Do not believe this problem is in far away places and is perpetuated by unknown faceless master manipulators.

    We know who all the bad people are. They are elected and appointed officials who hold positions in all levels of government, from Washington, DC to Washington NC.

    Our Beaufort County Board of Commissioners, by majority vote has done nothing to help our citizens. At this writing there are only six deaths in this county that are virus related. More people have died from anything you want to name during the past six months than from the corona virus. Yet, five commissioners have voted not once but several times to support the lock down.

    Only I, along with Commissioner Stan Deatherage, have repeatedly made motions aimed at getting us back to work.

    Commissioners Jerry Langley and John Rebholz have repeatedly voted to support the Democrat Governor (COOPER) to keep us locked down. In doing so, they support the destruction of the economy and wasting of wealth. Neither of these commissioners deserves your vote in November.
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