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New Opportunities

Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of ECU News Services. The author of this post is Kristen Martin.

Ten community college transfer students will join the entering fall 2021 freshman class. Pictured is the freshman class from fall 2019. | Photos: Kristen Martin

    The Honors College at East Carolina University will now admit students who are transferring to the university from a North Carolina community college.

    "We recognize that there are many great students who choose to attend community college first for many reasons. We want to reward their hard work and academic achievement by offering them a place in the Honors College," said Margaret Turner, Honors College director of admissions and recruitment.

    Previously, the Honors College application was available only to first-year students applying to ECU immediately after graduating from high school who met the minimum SAT/ACT test scores and GPA requirements. For several years, the Honors College and Office of Undergraduate Admissions have discussed admitting transfer students and began laying the groundwork in spring 2019 to start the process.

Transfer students will take part in Honors coursework including a Signature Honors Project focusing on research or creative activity. Phoenix Little displays her research during Selection Sunday on Feb. 16.
    "Student success is at the very core of ECU's mission and its commitment to North Carolina. In turn, there are many pathways to success. Starting out at a community college or another university before finding your way to ECU's opportunities is fine with us. We know that our Honors College is an excellent destination for any college student," said Interim ECU Chancellor Ron Mitchelson.

    The college will accept 10 transfer students as Centennial Fellows for the entering fall 2021 class. Each student will receive a scholarship valued at $1,250 per semester for five semesters along with all of the benefits associated with participation in the Honors College.

    "Community college students should consider applying because of the diversity of opportunities that will be available to them," said Erica Hoyt, associate director for transfer recruitment at ECU. "Their university experience will be enhanced significantly by having access to more extracurricular academic opportunities, networking opportunities, priority class registration, research opportunities and financial support."

    Community college students interested in applying need to submit a completed application for undergraduate transfer admission to ECU by Dec. 8. To be eligible, a student must have completed 24 credit hours post-high school, have a 3.5 cumulative GPA, last attended an N.C. community college, and plan to attend ECU in fall 2021 as a campus-based student.

    Once prospective students receive a notification alerting them that they are eligible to apply to the Honors College, they will have until Jan. 15, 2021, to complete the Honors application and submit the required essay, letter of recommendation provided by an administrator at their current community college and a resume.

    "The benefits for the university include the ability to engage and attract more high-achieving and talented prospective transfer students to ECU and elevate the services and opportunities we are able to provide for transfer students," Hoyt said. "In addition, the Honors College continuously seeks to add diversity to their community of scholars, which includes students that may have started their academic journey at a community college."

    The Honors College will host several virtual academic days for transfer students to learn more about the college and why they should apply. These sessions will provide an overview of the application process and allow prospective students to talk with current students about their experiences.

    "The Honors College will offer a community of high-ability students that have similar academic goals. It will help a large university feel smaller and more comfortable. It will provide scholarship dollars to help make college more affordable. And perhaps most importantly, it will provide opportunities to help them in their next steps after college which may be graduate school, a professional program or in the job market," Turner said.

    For more information, visit the Honors College transfer students website or contact Margaret Turner at


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