Covid Joe, the Fake News, Virtue Signaling, and the fate of this American Republic | Beaufort County Now | Admittedly, President Donald Trump is a most unusual communicator, speaking in sputters and spits of truths that only he, and those that understand his kind can fathom.

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Covid Joe, the Fake News, Virtue Signaling, and the fate of this American Republic

There is a choice to be made, and if you have not made that choice, that right choice, the time is nigh.

    So many shallow people hate President Donald Trump, and I get that. I won't sanction its intellectual quality, but, I do realize how so many Americans are limited in their knowledge of what is real, probably due to our failing education industry, and the continual propaganda spewing like a torrent from the Fake News.

    Admittedly, President Donald Trump is a most unusual communicator, speaking in sputters and spits of truths that only he, and those that understand his kind can fathom. Personally, I have no trouble understanding the man, because I understand what he intends, and how he then works diligently to accomplish those objectives.

    Maybe, it is because I have twenty years of experience as someone that has been elected to govern Beaufort County, and I well know how difficult it is to accomplish what is utterly prudent and practical. Mr. Trump is that guy, who, after learning how government works, still is not playing that game, their construct of self-service, which is the whole of so many politicians ... and yes, I have seen that first hand too.

    Covid Joe, a truly simple minded shell of a man, who is that self-serving bastard that has the entirely of the unscrupulous Fake News running interference for his campaign, and that truth is readily apparent to all that can grasp what is real. Covid Joe, even in his onset of dementia state, can still lie about issues that may exist beyond his comprehension level; like how to deal with a pandemic; and how to manage an economy. In reality, Slow Joe is well proved to be on the wrong of so many economic issues over his 47 years of taking from the American People; how will he manage just because he is the one alternative to a wrongly (by those who exist in the shallows) "hated" President?

    In closing, I will keep this simple: If you have not made up your mind as who to vote for, know this - the Fake News and the Biden campaign are coordinating their lies, then the Fake News defends those lies, then will move onto another lie proffered. Accordingly, these propagandists have not asked Clueless Joe Biden one unscripted question to date ... however, FOX News did slip in a few early on, and have not been able to since.

    No one, with a full working brain, takes anything reported from the Fake News outlets as real truth; they have been forever sullied and will never recover in an America that values education over indoctrination.

    If you truly care for the future of this Republic, President Trump deserves re-election, more than any president since Ronald Reagan. I have the experience to know truth from lies, and fools from who are real. That is my gift.

    President Trump, whether you follow his speaking pattern or not, is real.


( September 14th, 2020 @ 11:42 am )
Thanks. I do not think that Democratic Socialists have a clue as to what is real right now, with their approved propaganda so thick with stupidity and lies.

They are so worried about about issues they cannot control - what people say - that they lose perspective about what people do, or do not do.

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