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Republican Party Loyalty

    As we approach the November 3rd election date, we need to consider the character of every candidate, whether Democrat or Republican. That is: How honest they are and is their word good or cannot be trusted? The political parties, both Democrat and Republican, demand that their elected party members vote for their candidates who were selected, for the most part, by the primary election process. Sometimes the party leadership hand picks candidates to be more successful that others in the primary election process. My observation, over many years, is the had picked winners are a lot less reliable and loyal to the party platform than other more independent candidates.

    There are some good reasons for this disloyalty. The hand-picked party hacks get to the top by promising everyone everything. They usually do not have a well-defined platform of their own, are wheeler dealers, and do not have well-formed consciences, and therefore have no loyalty to anyone but themselves and their personal political welfare.

    Thom Tillis is a great example of a candidate described in the above paragraph.. That is why he is sweating out this election. The recent "sexting" scandal of his opponent is like manna from heaven for his wilting campaign.

    Those of us at the bottom of the political stack, county commissioners, are not much different. We sometimes stray off the track.

    I have been criticized for voting for Democrat Jerry Langley to be Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners. To me, this vote was poetic justice. Republican Gary Brinn had told me to my face, in a very impolite way, that he would never vote for me to hold any office. The year before I voted for Langley to be Chairman, Gary had finally agreed with the Republican Commissioner Caucus on who would hold the Chairman and Vice Chairman seats for the coming year. Gary then made a deal with Democrats Langley and Booth and Republican Ron Buzzeo for Gary to be the Chairman. It is only natural that when I am lied to, I am offended and my trust disappears.

    Well, the vote was three to three between Langley and Brinn. So, who would you have voted for? The person who lied to you or the person running against him? Gary paid the price for his disloyal behavior.

    There is no honor in the saying: "Hold your nose and vote Republican."

    During the past few years, Langley has always been either the Chairman or the Vice Chairman, even though there are five Republican Commissioners on the Board. The reason is that Langley and Booth provide two of the four votes to elect less than loyal Republicans to the Chairmanship.

    It will be same this year if Rebholz is elected. Rebholz, Frankie Waters and the two Democrats will provide the four votes to make Frankie Waters chairman this December if Rebholz is elected. This is an insult and disgrace to those Republicans who will elect a minimum of four and probably five Republicans to the Beaufort County Commission.

    It is time for Republicans to come together and act with some sense of loyalty.

    I have spoken with Tandy Dunn and Randy Walker. We three pledge, if elected, we will only vote for a Republican to be the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners in December of this year.

    John Rebholz has already sent a strong signal that he is one of the liberal Republicans. He did this when he voted for Jerry Langley to be Vice Chairman against Republican Stan Deatherage. He had only been in office two months. I have observed Frankie Waters making votes to cover for Rebholz so Rebholz can vote like a conservative.

    Rebholz has voted against concealed carry, against fortifying the Bill of Rights (free speech and the right to bear arms), to support global warming, and not filming budget work shops. Rebholz voted to continue to print county information in the Spanish language and announced he is a Buzzeo Republican. Rebholz is a three-time chairman of the Cypress Landing Home Owners Association.

    This is a challenge to John Rebholz not to vote with the Democrats to fill either the County Chairman or Vice Chairman positions in December of this year, if elected.

    It is also time for the Beaufort County Republican Party to insist on party loyalty to the voters and the elected Republicans.

    What say you Republican Party Chairman Bill Cook and Candidate John Rebholz.

    Let us know. We will be proud to print your loyalty oath.


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