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It was a Week ... Again ... of Rants; Continued in Segments - Volume III

    I speak my mind whether my audience cares to hear what I stand and deliver, or not. This is a transparency /honesty feature that erupted in me many decades ago, when I was first elected to the office of Beaufort County Commissioner in November, 1994. It was then that I decided, should I do this job right, honor the position /the office, then I should never really consider re-election, and to that end, always be honest and transparent in my duties, and how I represent such.

    This post that I submit here on BCN is a collection of rants that I submit to Facebook, which I have not incorporated into any other opinion to date. These comments of mine are quite raw, succinct and mostly regard this crazy political season on our national stage, where there is no shortage of substance, yet a true disparity of truth coming from the Democratic Socialist Leftists. Therefore, it is my option and pleasure to extend my efforts to keep the reality of it all transparently active.

    I have always wondered from whence these rants of mine originate; could if be my bitter honesty, or my quickened consternation for the Propagandists running the Fake News roughshod over real Americans, pounding the lot of us all a little bit further down by their Leftist activism. Regardless, it is within me, and through these rants if becomes completely out of me for a while, and that is my free right to do so as per our First Amendment guaranteed right, which, as publisher of a very large informational platform, and far less partisan than any propagandist outlet, I hold very dearly.

    Here below is a collection of these professions of my perspective beginning October 1, 2020, with a continuing list of all such posts here:

Finally! ... We Finally Hear from Hunter - October 14, 2020

    President Trump to Joe Biden and the World: "Joe Biden, you are a corrupt politician!"

    And why is Joe Biden a corrupt politician?

    Because 3 weeks before election day, with millions of Americans having already voted by mail, the N.Y. Post (a real journalist outlet; I did not say New York Times) broke the story of how Corrupt Joe is implicated in a very large way, in multiple situations of peddling his influence as vice president to make "Where's Hunter?" very wealthy. This again was due to errant emails from a lost hard drive belonging to "Where's Hunter?"

    The Propagandists of the Fake News outlets will not cover this reality, this reality where evidence of supreme corruption involving so much graft, including "Where's Hunter?", corruption so deep, it has made this permanent politician a multi millionaire ... But guess who will pound this truth for the next 3 weeks: President Donald Trump will tell this truth, and with great vigor.

    If you are a combat veteran, or a first responder - truly on the front line of service - and you are voting for Joe Biden, you will always be a patriot.

    The rest of you who vote for the Corrupt Joe Biden, Idiot Joe Biden, or just plain Covid Joe, you need a serious PATRIOT gut check.     Here below is a collection of these professions of my perspective beginning October 1, 2020:


For Big Tech Platforms, "The Times They Are A-Changin'", and I Will Make That My Mission - October 15, 2020

    With the latest news bombshell regarding former vice president, Joe Biden's, newest, and possibly largest issues of corruption, Twitter and Facebook are now conclusively, and without reservation part of the Fake News, with their platforms editorializing and censoring what news you can consume, effectively restricting certain information that they do not construe as corporately beneficial.

    Additionally, they are a colluding accomplice in the "hand-in-glove" propaganda that we are force fed daily by the Propagandists broadcasting the insipid Fake News; non journalist outlets such as Vox, NBC, CNN, Vanity Fair, Solon, etc.

    Google also works as a Fake News accomplice, but more devious in their duties by creating algorithms to channel information, and news considered favorable toward their favored sources, or toward those vendors that "pay for their play."

    This is wrong, and should NOW jeopardize Facebook and Twitter's ability to operate as independent platforms, gaining the special privilege of currently being devoid of any of responsibility for the slander or liable brought on by reckless speech by their users, and therefore, their customers.

    Google, as a full bore monopoly that also enjoys many United States Government carveouts, has a whole other set of problems going forward; however, like Facebook and Twitter, is not currently bound by the laws of civility in the proper publishing of real publications. This issue of Search platforms being immune to prosecution for slander or copyright infringement, yet continue to manipulate the manifestation of other people's speech, including plitical speech will have to be dealt with strongly, and soon.


Could One Democratic Socialist Show Some Patriotism ... Is That Too Much to Ask? - October 15, 2020

    If there is a patriot in the Democratic Socialist party prove it. I truly do not believe there is.

    Obviously, there are no real journalists who are Democratic Socialists, and, understandably, there is also not a patriot among them, not one; or the chorus of their incredulity would be heard loud and clear right now as they idly watch the destruction of our First Amendment by Twitter and Facebook.

    This continued destruction, unchallenged as a sanctioned abdication of the First Amendment, by cloaking the real news, this obliteration of what is real in favor of Democratic Socialism ideology and propaganda, by so-called journalists (Democratic Socialists all), should offer everyone great pause to know that these intolerant bigots are truly "The Enemy of the People"; the enemy of real Americans like me, like many of you.

    Join me in denouncing these false people, these Fake News idiots, who would quote their guaranteed rights within the First Amendment to suck the life out of our Republic just to satisfy their political justification to lie, to cheat, to steal our Republic's soul.

    These are not journalists, these are not patriots, these are not good people; they are just the opposite. These Democratic Socialists, with their incessant lying to people too stupid to know the difference, are true tools of what is inherently evil. They are usurpers of the real patriots that built and sustained our Constitutional Republic, and it is up to You to know them for what and who they are; for who they otherworldly serve.

Court Packer Joe - October 16, 2020

    Ly'n' Joe Biden just admitted it last night in a town hall format on ABC; he will pack the supreme court if he is elected president.

    That is what this lying son-of-a-bitch, in his stammering mealy-mouth manner, actually said unequivocally.

    Believe me here because, unlike Covid Joe, I do not lie.


Should President Trump perform his Constitutional duty and appoint a third Supreme Court Justice, or wait until it is suitable to the Democratic Socialists in congress and the media?
  Yes, Mr. Trump has the Constitutional duty to appoint a supreme court justice and the U.S. Senate is constitutionally sworn to "advise and consent".
  No, it is too close to the election of president, and the while Democratic Socialists do not have control of the U.S. Senate, they do have the control of the U.S. House and the media.
  I don't pay attention to these sorts of things.
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