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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Beaufort County Emergency Management: COVID-19 Update (12-4-20)

Press Release:

12/3/2020 Beaufort County, NC
Updates from our previous posting have been highlighted.

The following information is as of 4pm.

    Case Statistics
Confirmed Cases
Active Cases
Worldwide7.6 Billion64,918,435
USA330 Million14,053,183
NC10.4 Million377,231
Beaufort Co.47,0001,809
*Text in red or green indicates changes since our last update.*

  • NC has had a total 377,231 confirmed cases, with 5,410 deaths. Our state currently has 55,968 active cases and 2,101 hospitalizations.
    • Beaufort County has had a total of 1,809 cases, with 223 currently active, 8 of which are hospitalized.
  • All active cases are self-isolating.
  • Eastern NC counties with total confirmed cases include: Bertie, (925), Beaufort (1,788), Bladen (1,390), Brunswick (3,145), Carteret (1,843), Camden (191), Chowan (655), Columbus (2,824), Craven (3,290), Currituck (343), Dare (678), Duplin (3,443), Edgecombe (2,612), Gates (224), Greene (1,230), Halifax (2,066), Hertford (1,005), Hyde (188), Jones (282), Lenoir (2,258), Martin (869), New Hanover (7,261), Northampton (851), Onslow (5,678), Pamlico (419), Pasquotank (1,129), Pender (1,948), Perquimans (357), Pitt (8,247) Sampson (3,771), Tyrrell (141), Washington (329), Wayne (5,969) and Wilson (4,191). Mecklenburg (44,976), Wake (30,008), Guilford (17,422), Forsyth (13,892) and Durham (11,575) counties have the most cases.

    Beaufort County Statistics
    Please use the following link for the latest statistics pertaining to Beaufort County cases:

    Beaufort County NC COVID Surveillance

    ** This link can also be found on the Beaufort County Health Departmentís Webpage. **

    12/3 Press Release From Beaufort Co. Public Health Dept.

    December 3, 2020

    Yesterday, December 2nd, Beaufort County reported 46 new actives cases of COVID-19, which is the second highest number of reported cases in one day. The first being 57 cases, which occurred on September 10th, 2020.

    County level data is showing a drastic upward trend in number of positive cases. With more positive results also comes more close contacts. A close contact is someone who was within 6 ft or less, for at least 15 minutes, within 48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms or positive test.

    We at the Health Department want to strongly encourage all individuals to:

  • Be mindful of others. Keep a safe distance from others of at least 6 feet.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Sanitize commonly touched surfaces and items.
  • If you start to feel sick in anyway, please isolate yourself away from others and get tested.

    With the holidays in full swing, please do your part to help keep you, your family, and others safe.

    James Madson,
    RN Health Director Beaufort County Health Department

    NC Community Spread Map

    North Carolina health officials are utilizing a county alert system to pinpoint counties with the highest levels of COVID-19 spread. This new map uses metrics informed by the White House Coronavirus Task Force and North Carolina's key metrics to categorize counties into three tiers

  • Yellow: Significant community spread
  • Orange: Substantial community spread
  • Red: Critical community spread

    Health officials are using a mix of criteria to determine what tier is assigned to a county. According to the state, a county must meet the threshold of case rate for that tier and meet the threshold for either percent positive or hospital impact in that county.

    Counties that do not meet criteria for orange or red tier are categorized as being in the yellow tier and should continue to be vigilant to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

    This map of North Carolina below shows which counties are in what tiers.

    There is significant community spread.
    These counties should continue to be vigilant to prevent further spread of COVID-19, but they do not meet orange or red criteria

    There is substantial community spread.
    These counties have a case rate that is between 101-200 new cases per capita in 14 days with at least 21 cases in 14 days.

    The percent positive date is between 8% and 10%, or there is a moderate impact on county hospital(s).

    There is critical community spread.
    These counties have a case rate that is greater than 200 new cases per capita in 14 days with at least 42 cases in 14 days.

    The percent positive date is greater than 10%, or there is a high impact on county hospital(s).

    Re-Opening Timeline / Guidelines
    Governor Cooper issued a new Executive Order (EO 180) today, increasing face covering requirements to prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19.

    This new order can be viewed by clicking HERE.

    Phase 3 (Will continue through Dec. 4th)

    Governor Cooper has announced that North Carolina will remain in Phase 3 through Friday, 12/4. This continuation will also reduce indoor gatherings (social, community and family) from 25 people to 10. Additional information will be shared in forthcoming updates.

    Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to this latest order can be found using the link below.


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