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A word about the Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee

A recent article explained how political parties are organized in the United States.  All individuals registered by political party have a say in the operations, policies and decisions made by the party they have chosen to become a part of.  Unaffiliated or independent voters do not have this right.

Political parties tend to be heavily criticized because those who are knowledgeable of how the system is supposed to work frequently hi-jack it and go in directions the grass roots members oppose.  Most party members choose not to participate because of the bad behavior of some of the leaders.  This allows the bad boys to become even more powerful.

I doubt the average Democrat supports abortion or gun control.  But, the activists. who have seized control, do.  I doubt the average Republican supports open borders or subsidies to just about everybody and his brother.  But, those who have seized power, do.

What we have leading both parties are groups of activists who have axes to grind and agendas of their own and to a great measure have the goal of subverting the will of the grass roots.  Establishment leadership, of both parties, often really considers the members of the party to be “useful idiots.”  The grass roots has lost control.  Both Democrats and Republicans can easily recover by simply attending precinct meetings and electing delegates who are willing to carry out the wishes of the grass roots.

A good example of this is the Beaufort County Republican Party.  Two years ago it was taken over by what is commonly called the “yellow sheeters.”  That is, a band of outsiders, who are intent on imposing their liberal will on the citizens of Beaufort County by electing more of their kind.

During the 2020 elections the Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee under the leadership of former Senator Bill Cook and Paul Varco used the party machinery to help elect their candidate, John Rebholz, and harm the candidacy of the three conservative candidates.  The conservative candidates were: Randy  Walker, Tandy Dunn and Hood Richardson.

The Executive Committee gave no assistance to the conservatives, refusing to allow Walker, Richardson and Dunn to include their signs with others the Party placed at the polls on election day.  This meant these three candidates had to drive to every precinct in the county to place their signs on election day.  John Rebholz got special privileges from the party in placing his campaign signs, and making campaign calls. 

The party has  an email data bank with abut 6,000 email addresses.  The conservative candidates did not know of its existence until it was too late to use it.  John Rebholz used the email data base extensively.

The executive committee refused to send out minutes of meetings and notices of meeting to elected Republican officials, who are automatically ex officio members of the Executive Committee.  Ex officio members are entitled to all of the privileges of  Executive Committee membership except to vote.   

That is, they are to receive all notices, mailings and have the privilege of the floor for debate. The leadership of former senator Bill Cook and Paul Varcoe denied all of the above rights to elected GOP officials.  Complaints to the State Republican Chairman went nowhere.

The result of this behavior was that John Rebholz was elected and the true conservative, Tandy Dunn, did not get elected.

Rebholz, along with RINO Frankie Waters, then joined with the two Democrats to elect Frankie Waters Chairman and  Democrat Jerry Langley Vice Chairman.   Frankie Waters and John Rebholz violated their loyalty to the Republican Party when they voted for the Democrat Langley to be Vice Chairman even though Republican Randy Walker was running for the same office. The two Republicans refused to vote for conservative Republican Randy Walker.

Because of the Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee, control of the Board of Commissioners is in the hands of Democrats: Ed Booth  and Jerry Langley.  John Rebholz and Frankie Waters were elected as Republicans but vote as Democrats.  The three conservatives: Walker, Deatherage and Richardson are shut out.  This, in a county that had a 50 percent Republican majority in the November 2020 elections.  We have a swamp in Washington, NC and just as we do in Washington, DC.

This is the same kind of subversive behavior that was used by the Republicans against Trump.  It is a chipping away of the Republican advantage, just enough for these back room dealers to get what they want but not have to face the full light of honesty.  The people who do these things do not care about the grass roots desires for free speech, guns, anti abortion, and honest elections or other planks in the Party’s Platform. 

The Republican Party has never taken a stand for honest elections that could stand the test of audits.  Not re counts, but audits.  The fraudulent votes are still counted in re counts.  We need the ability to do audits, that is determine whether the votes are legal or fraudulent.  This is particularly true for mail-in ballots.  The only way we will get honest elections is to go to the precinct meetings and send honest delegates up the line to demand that the laws be put into place to guarantee honest elections.  I understand Florida and Ohio have already done this.

These special interest groups who elbow their way into positions of power so they can do their special thing are corrupt and need to be done away with.

The Unites States of America is among a few unique countries in the world in which individuals have the ability to change government peacefully.  We do not have to wait for a signal from any higher authority.  But it can only be done if the grass roots of the parties actively participate in the party’s process of selecting its leaders.  Those who don’t participate allow, by default, the Swamp Dwellers to rule.

It is not that the Swamp Dwellers have different positions on the major issues, but it is purely about them maintaining their power.  We see this playing out in Washington DC by those RINO’s who refused to support President Trump’s call for an investigation of the elections.  The Establishment did not want a judicial trial or an investigation simply because they could remain in office even if the election was stolen from President Trump.  The simple fact is that the 2020 Presidential Election was determined by fraudulent practices.  None of the complaints were ever tried in a court of law or investigated by an impartial review process.  The reason this happened is that the Establishment refused to stand up for the seventy-five million voters and the party leadership simple turned their heads the other way. 

The same thing happened in the Democrat Party.  The grass roots remained silent while a small group of far-left radicals took over the Democrat Party.  Now Joe Biden will be caught between the Rock and the Hard Place as he attempts to govern.  But mark our words, he will not succeed.  His tenure will be a disaster for the nation and ultimately for the Democrat Party.  There is a good chance Biden will be impeached.  If that happens you will likely see that small group dictate what happens and it is likely they will throw him under the bus in favor of getting Kamala Harris in as President.  The only way that will not happen is if the grass roots step up and put a stop to the power-hungry establishment leadership that is more intent on preserving their power rather than what is best for the country.

It will happen again and again, unless the grass roots take back our parties.  Obviously, term limits would help, but that is an issue we will discuss in a future article.

Do your part. Go to your precinct meeting, Democrat or Republican, and tell them what you think and then hold the leadership accountable for running the party as the grass roots want it run.  Stay home and the Swamp Dwellers will rule and our nation will suffer.


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