NC State Democrats Flip-Flop on Opening Schools | Beaufort County Now | The North Carolina Senate on Monday failed to override Governor Cooper’s veto of SB37, legislation that would have required districts to provide in-person learning.

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NC State Democrats Flip-Flop on Opening Schools

Press Release:

    The North Carolina Senate on Monday failed to override Governor Cooper's veto of SB37, legislation that would have required districts to provide in-person learning. The reason why? Two gutless Democrats who originally voted for the measure caved to the pressure of Governor Cooper and the teachers unions and changed their minds.

    Democrat Ben Clark, who cosponsored SB37, shamefully skipped yesterday's vote in a feeble attempt to duck scrutiny for changing his position on the bill. Democrat Paul Lowe even stunningly admitted to the Raleigh News and Observer that the only reason he switched his vote was because of partisan politics.

  • "Lowe explained his decision before Monday night's to The News & Observer, saying Cooper had asked him to sustain the veto. 'He asked. I am a Democrat. He's the governor, and a Democratic governor,' Lowe said. Lowe said Cooper contacted him Sunday night about it."

    Republican State Leadership Committee Communications Director Andrew Romeo said of the vote, "While Ben Clark and Paul Lowe should be ashamed for pathetically bowing to Governor Cooper and changing their positions on getting kids back in the classroom, all state Democrats in North Carolina are responsible for the irreparable harm they are doing to children throughout the state by refusing to open schools. They don't care about leaving behind kids who are suffering academically, mentally, and emotionally — they only care about collecting their teachers union donations and their own political futures."

    The failed veto override followed Monday's release of troubling data from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction showing that "the majority of high school students did not pass state end-of-course exams given in the fall."


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