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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Follow the Science: Ivermectin

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    It should not come as a surprise that the government and pharmaceutical companies might attempt to influence any information regarding successful treatment for Covid-19. It happened with hydroxychloroquine, even though the drug had been around for decades and some doctors were having success treating sick patients, especially in early stages. After all, isn't that what doctors should do? Instead they were encouraged by public health authorities to tell patients to isolate, and then go to the hospital if they had breathing troubles. It would seem to any rational person that this kind of advice in counterintuitive to good medical care. Most sensible people believe that early treatment is the best protocol for any disease.

    A couple of lesser known facts are very important. The NIH (Dr. Fauci's realm) appears to have a financial stake in the Moderna "vaccine". This certainly appears to be a conflict of interest, and a case of the fox being in the hen house. Can they truly be impartial when it affects so many wallets?

    On top of the billions spent by the government to develop a vaccine, now in excess of $4 billion is being used to coerce, nudge, encourage, frighten or brainwash every American to take the shot, regardless of its safety or efficacy. How many people have died because the hands of doctors were either empty of solutions, or they were afraid to buck the system by using protocols that other doctors had found effective?

    One of the treatments touted by the medical establishment, public health authorities, and the media is Remdisivir. It has shown to have no survivor benefits, but it does cost $3,000 per dose, a benefit to big pharma. Clinical trials were cancelled over six months ago, and even WHO said that it doesn't work except in the first or second day of illness. Most patients haven't even seen the doctor at that point. The same holds true for convalescent plasma, monoclonal antibodies, and steroids — no survivor benefit.

    However, hundreds of doctors worldwide have had success treating Covid patients with Ivermectin. In fact, Ivermectin kills 99.9% of viruses in Petri dish studies. NIH (Fauci's realm again) recommended against it. Could that possibly have anything to do with that Moderna relationship?

    Invermectin has been taken by over 4 billion people with only a couple of deaths which were people with genetic disorders. It's been proven to be a very safe drug even when people were given 30 times the recommended dosage. More importantly, doctors have used it effectively for the virus, reducing hospitalization rates by 70-90%.

    The response by public health officials is that no clinical trials of Ivermectin have been done in the United States, only in other countries. However, Pfizer got emergency use approval and their trials were not conducted in the U.S. That certainly appears to be a double standard.

    In India, Ivermectin costs about two cents per tablet. In the U.S. a full course runs under $30. In addition to the money, some doctors say that early use of Ivermectin could have saved to up 350,000 lives. There surely is blood on the hands of those bureaucrats who have suppressed life-saving medication, as well as those who will profit into the trillions. Following the money on why Ivermectin has been ignored is a very short walk.

    100% of the world trials have shown benefit, but NIH and the FDA still refuse to approve off-label use. In Argentina for example, health care workers were used to test the drug. Of those 800 who received Ivermectin, none got Covid. 57 of those in the placebo group were infected.

    Unlike the vaccines, Ivermectin appears to be effective in all the variants of the virus. Many patients with comorbidities such as diabetes and obesity still survived with the Ivermectin treatment.

    In summary, there is some good news. The Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance is a group of doctors that have been studying Ivermectin and all treatments for Covid. They are deep into a study that they hope will convince public health authorities to give Ivermectin the off-label usage needed to allow doctors to treat patients without the fear of trouble from the AMA or others. At their website, a manuscript is available for download to share with your doctor to show the benefits of Ivermectin, including the protocol and proper dosage. However, if you cannot find a local doctor to help you, there are doctors all over the country that will. A list is available at

    There are many people who would rather be treated for Covid successfully than enter experimental trials of a vaccine that has neither proven to be safe or effective for everyone. Most of us are aware that the Johnson & Johnson shot has been paused, however why haven't the other two been stopped? VAERS (the reporting system for adverse reactions) data shows 795 cases of blood clotting disorders following the vaccines. Of those, Pfizer had 400; Moderna had 337, while Johnson and Johnson only had 56. Why is Johnson and Johnson being the scapegoat?

    If a handful of people get sick from peanut butter or spinach, there is a nationwide recall. But over 50,000 people had to die before Vioxx was finally recalled. Some of us don't understand how Johnson & Johnson has remained in business, as they have paid billions of dollars in fines, penalties and lawsuits. It appears as if the pharmaceutical industry has tremendous power, and may be under the protection of the government. How else is this corruption and malfeasance explained? Don't expect any help from politicians; the pharmaceutical company is the largest lobby in Washington, exceeding the petroleum industry.
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