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John Woodard
    Parents in Broward Co, Fla. were forced to sue the school district in order to obtain the sexually explicit books that they were seeking. The mere fact that school district was teaching sexually explicit material to children is bad enough. But to teach this to children as young as 4 years of age is obscene.

    So how does this impact us in NC, you ask? I attended a monthly meeting of the God and Country Christian Alliance when the guest speakers were 2 people who have been talking to various groups about this very subject. While listening to their presentation, I was utterly astonished at what I was hearing. So, I contacted Linda Harper of Goldsboro, NC who runs an organization known as Liberty First, to discuss having a meeting with these same 2 people speak to us. I spoke to Joe Werrel and Janet Oehl and confirmed a date and time and we planned to promote this event in order to draw the largest attendance. Then this article by The Epoch Times became known. Clearly, from my perspective, the Lord is helping us call attention to this despicable situation and save our children and grandchildren from the awful indoctrination.

    The Epoch Times article has been added onto our article so that when you read it, I hope that you will be as disgusted as I am and hopefully you will attend our meeting on Sept 21 at 6PM at the Victory Free Will Baptist Church 1806 Wayne Memorial Dr Goldsboro, NC and learn what your children are being taught in NC Public Schools.

    We have been talking about Critical Race Theory which is terrible by itself. But then to have them subjected to explicit sexual content on top of it, is too much for me and I believe it is too much for you as well.

    The only conclusion that I can reach is to tear down the US Dept of Education and return control of the schools to State and Local authorities. Beaurocrates in Washington DC seem to ignore the harm that is being done to our children in favor of political advancement. Remember the old adage that in Civil Service, the way to get ahead is to build a triangle beneath you then let that structure elevate your position of authority. This appears to be what we have here. Between the teacher unions, or alliance as in NC; the tax money that is collected from us and returned to state and local school systems with strings attached; schools and teachers that under-perform; low test scores and high drop out rates; and much much more, it is time for a change. We must make PTA mean something and make sure that parents views will be heard and respected by school administrators and teachers. Parents should have some say so about the curriculum and school employees should be compensated based upon merit and achievement.

    These things are just suggestions, but it is perfectly clear that if we don't do something, the leftist radicals that we are dealing with now will just keep coming and coming until they get their way.

    What we have been discussing is part and parcel of this march toward socialism or worse and if we don't stop it now, we may not get a second chance. We have some good teachers and administrators, but the radicals are about to get us by the throat.

    So how do we get control of this situation? We all get the book American Socialism by Mark Levin and we read it then do what he suggests to drive these radicals from our midst. The book tells us what to do but it is up to us to take up the fight and liberate our children while we still can. It won't be easy but if we don't, our country will be lost.

    We can't wait for the next election or the next President, we need to begin the fight NOW! We must work to have a Wave Election that gives President Biden and his party the unmistakable reality that We the People are taking back our country and do this with an Overwhelming Defeat of the Dems and their radical agenda. We need to drive them into the political wilderness for a very long time. Then give the Republicans a chance to govern and keep all the promises they have made to us over the years.

    Remember this: The colors of our flag will not run, it will reload. Let's fight!!

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