Biden Approves Communist Drug Lords | Eastern North Carolina Now | Officials have admitted they are rounding up people who are virus-free as well as those reported infected, since infection is merely an excuse for shipping people to concentration camps.  

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Major Ian Fishback, West Point 2001, was the Army officer who revealed to Congress that US Army troops, specifically his battalion of the 82nd Airborne Division, were being ordered to humiliate, torture and murder captured insurgents, has died suddenly with no apparent cause.


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Shunted at every turn by his chain of command and IGs, MAJ Fishback finally turned to the public square to air his concerns.  The officer, apparently handicapped by an intolerable sense of ethics, acquired enmity among the senior ranks of the Army and the Pentagon.  His mysterious sudden death while involuntarily institutionalized, appears to have solved a problem for the Pentagon.  Friends and relatives are crying foul.

MAJ Fishback, PhD, was granted an early retirement during the later Obama years, while serving as an instructor at West Point.  He reportedly continued his campaign for ethical and legal treatment of prisoners of war, until he was involuntarily committed to a mental health institution “for his own safety.”  [Lessons learned from the Stasi and the KGB.]

First I heard of this story, and I imagine the Big News Media will do their best to bury it and any results from the autopsy the family is demanding.  Anyone who knows more about this story, please fill me in.

Guess it doesn’t pay to piss off the big guys.  We thought we had resolved this issue half a century ago, when the entire chain of command, from Lieutenant Calley and CPT Medina through Major General Koster were called to puny account for the My Lai massacres.  But that was then and this is now.

Ding, dong, the nasty renegade Major is dead.  We won’t have to hear from him again.  Sic semper whistlebloweris.

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Australian officials have finally admitted to rounding up dangerous citizens to be shipped to concentration camps.


A “positive test” for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, for which no specific test actually exists, is whatever the government says it is.   The Australian government has been plagued for months with troublesome recalcitrant citizens who shouldn't be allowed on the streets.  Finally somebody is doing something about the problem.

Officials have admitted they are rounding up people who are virus-free as well as those reported infected, since infection is merely an excuse for shipping people to concentration camps.  “Power to the People!!!”

Royal Australian Army trucks are being used to load and transfer the problematic citizens to the appropriate “detention” facilities.  By Vladimir Lenin’s estimate, it shouldn't require liquidating more than ten percent or so of the population, in order to get the full cooperation of the remainder.

The Biden Administration has been carefully observing how Australia handles their problematic citizens.  Troublesome American citizens should probably watch what goes on in Australia as well.  “Coming soon to a theater near you.” 

*     *     *     *     *     *

It appears California is reinstituting “separate but equal” segregated schools for unvaccinated students.


It’s the only humane solution for students whose parents defy Gov. Gavin Newsome’s vaccination mandate.  To the cheers of liberal Big News Media, the new “SBE academies” will presumably be the heart of the “re-education camps” being planned for citizens who refuse to comply with the governor’s health orders.  As with all Federal and state laws, non-citizens are exempt from compliance with any such mandates.

“Vaccines work,” declared Gov. Newsome, proving the illogic of his mandate.  If vaccines really did work, then unvaccinated students would pose absolutely no threat to students and others who are vaccinated.  On the other hand, as Newsome seems to be admitting, since the vaccines don’t actually work, then unvaccinated students must be subjected to the same worthless and dangerous injections as their peers.  This ensures that everyone in the school system has been equally infused with the experimental cocktail material of unknown content.

For this national vaccine experiment to work, we can’t allow any unvaccinated people which would constitute a control group.  When there is no control group, then the results of the experiment are whatever the government says they are.  That is the New Scientific Method:  Conclusion first, then cherry-pick data to fit. 

If you don’t like it, we are preparing re-education academies to assist you with your failure to appreciate the benevolence of Big Brother.  So just shut up!

*     *     *     *     *     *

One thing about this first Thanksgiving family gathering in two years:  It enables us quickly to recognize the psycho-social transformations which have taken place in our dearly beloved relatives. 

Now we comprehend the enormity of the problem.  [That word doesn’t mean what you think at first glance.  Look it up if you don’t get what I am saying.]

*     *     *     *     *     *

It appears that the Biden Administration is preparing to remove Communist guerrilla forces around the world from its official list of terrorist organizations, starting with the Colombian FARC warlords.


Essentially since 1957, the Maoist “Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia” have accumulated phenomenal wealth and power through murder, rape, extortion, kidnapping and delivery of cocaine by the hundreds of tons to a drug-hungry world.  Of course, the United States has been their biggest customer by far.

But the Marxist Bolsheviks who have seized power in our formerly Constitutional Republic find absolutely nothing terrible or terrorizing about heavily-armed Communist insurrectionist forces anywhere in the world.  Murderous Communist drug lords are our friend. 

So far, these drug cartels have proved to be the most effective foreign entities in completely destroying the social fabric of this once free and independent nation from within.  Their delivery of irresistible toxins to a drug-starving country are successfully bleeding our population and economy of untold lives and treasure every year. 

Foreign-controlled cartel gangs control the streets of almost every major American city, indiscriminately murdering adults and children at will.  The hundreds of thousands of young rootless men flooding across our southern border each year, find a welcoming tribal family in the drug gangs of the cities where the Biden Administration flies them with first-class plane tickets.  VOTE DEMOCRAT ! !

As ruthless violent criminals, these gangs are essentially exempt from compliance with any local or Federal laws.  Law enforcement applies only to law-abiding citizens, who prove docile enough to comply.

FARC, Taliban, Sinaloa and Zeta cartels, Chinese Communist Party People's Republic of China – they all have the exact same end game in mind as they grow ever-richer off America’s unquenchable hunger for self-destruction.

“Death to America!”

SF  --  guy

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