‘I Can’t Wait To Destroy Your Life’: Andrew Cuomo’s Attorney Claims Lindsey Boylan Used Super-Secret Messaging App To Threaten Cuomo Defender | Beaufort County Now | Insinuates Cuomo defender might have had affair with her

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    On Thursday, former New York Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo's lawyer insinuated that the initial woman who leveled sexual harassment charges against Cuomo might have had an affair with New York's economic development czar, later using a super-secret messaging app to text him, "I can't wait to destroy your life" after he contradicted her claim that Cuomo asked her to play strip poker during a flight on his official jet.

    At a virtual press conference, Attorney Rita Glavin said state Attorney General Letitia James had given her evidence that Empire State Development CEO Howard Zemsky had confessed to investigators that he and Cuomo accuser Lindsey Boylan, then his chief of staff, were "more than professional" in late 2017.

    Glavin stated:

    The Attorney General, in February of 2021, before the referral was made, not for her to do an investigation but to select independent reviewers, what she had told (former top Cuomo aide) Melissa DeRosa, was what she had heard, which was that Lindsey Boylan is not credible. But fast forward some months later, the AG's report found that regardless of Ms. Boylan's "political or other personal motivation for making her allegations public, we find that the factual allegations she has made are credible and are supported by the rest of the evidence in our investigation.

    "They weren't," Glavin said bluntly. "The report credits Ms. Boylan's claim that on a plane in 2017 the Governor asked Ms. Boylan to play strip poker. And they credit it on the ground that Howard Zemsky, the former head of the Empire State Development Board, had testified that he recalled the Governor making such a statement. So because of that, the AG credited Ms. Boylan."

    "Yet the report at the same time says that Mr. Zemsky initially didn't have the slightest inkling or memory that the governor made any such comment," Glavin asserted. "But after Ms. Boylan first made this claim - it was in a February 24, 2021, Medium essay - that same day Mr. Zemsky signed on to a public statement with three other Chamber staffers who were on that flight with Lindsey Boylan, and what they said publicly is that 'This conversation did not happen.' That is what Howard Zemsky said February 24, 2021."

    "But here's what the report didn't tell you: Later that same day, February 24, Boylan sent a threatening message to Howard Zemsky," Glavin declared. "What the report put in is they said at some point after the Medium essay Zemsky received a threatening message, a jarring message, but they didn't tell you it was the same day. And they never told you what that message was, and there is no excuse for that because it goes directly to the credibility of Ms. Boylan; it goes directly to the credibility of Mr. Zemsky."

    "We now know what Ms. Boylan sent to Mr. Zemsky," Glavinb continued. "She sent to Howard Zemsky on a(sic) application, it's a phone application and it's called Confide. That application is encrypted; when you send a message through it, it self-destructs and the messages are screenshot-proof. Using that application, Ms. Boylan said to Howard Zemsky that same day, because he was disputing her, 'I can't wait to destroy your life, your s*** follower.' ... And I presume Ms. Boylan is referring to herself and knowing something about Mr. Zemsky."

    "The Attorney General's investigators never asked Lindsey Boylan about that text," Glavin stated. "They interviewed Howard Zemsky in July of 2021; they didn't circle back and say to Ms. Boylan, 'Why did you have a Confide application? Why did you send him a text that was encrypted, self-destructing and that he couldn't take a screenshot of?'"

    "When you said, 'I can't wait to destroy your life,' Ms. Boylan, what did you mean? What did you have on Howard Zemsky that you could destroy his life?"

    "And then after he got that text, he changed his story," Glavin said.

    The New York Post reported:

    Glavin later said that "there had been some rumors and concerns about their relationship within ESD" sparked by employees "having witnessed some conduct that gave them concern." Then-ESD counsel Alphonso David "had them both in and questioned them, and they both denied having ever had some type of improper relationship," Glavin said. But when Boylan and Zemsky were questioned by James' investigators, she said, "my read of the testimony is that they're not consistent with each other."

    Boylan's attorney, Julie Gerchik, responded to Glavin's claims, saying, "The former governor and his attorney are continuing their smear campaign of Ms. Boylan to punish her for being the first of multiple women to expose the governor's misconduct. In addition to the Attorney General's findings, the New York State Assembly hired one of New York's top law firms to conduct an independent investigation and they concluded that there was 'overwhelming support that the former Governor engaged in multiple instances of misconduct.' The facts and two independent investigative reports speak for themselves."

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