Joe Biden Performs a Rare and Historic Press Conference; Tragically ... | Beaufort County Now | The World, the "President's" constituents, and America's patriots got a full on dose of something not witnessed in my lifetime - the roadmap for the dissolution of a presidency, and as intellectually frail as it might have appeared, it is now in the pronounced period of dénouement.

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The World, this "President's" constituents, and America's patriots got a full on dose of something not witnessed in my lifetime - the roadmap for the dissolution of a presidency, and as intellectually frail as it might have appeared catastrophically damaging, it is now in the pronounced period of dénouement, and, hopefully, relief may be nigh.

    In more simple terms, in all practicality, the Biden Presidency is over, roll the credits on this sorry film, it's over. Consequently, it is time to prepare for the transition for there must be one, and it is time to lay blame, for this can never happen again.

Joe Biden's first whisper routine (I coined it "Whisper Fart Inflection") for emphasis. Analysis suggests that the most ardent Democrat Socialist voters are still buying this specious "routine"; everyone else is not: Above.

This rambling, near unintelligible mess of imprecise words, the mangled sentences of fractured purpose, though well practiced for days in preparation; this press conference was a train-wreck of leadership, a presidency imploding into more than nothing, it is, and will continue to be a negative stain upon the World until a fully dishonest Joe Biden is gone, and all vestiges of his delusional brand of Stupid is wiped clean: Below.

    Back to the transition, for it must happen. The American People and the people of the World must have some hope that this insanity cannot continue, so what is that possible "roadmap" to transition from the abject ignorance /malfeasance of the Biden /Harris Administration's insatiable desire to drive our Constitutional Republic into a Marxist Hellhole. This cannot happen, and if not for the constant vigilance of real patriots, these non patriot politicians would be much farther along toward forever destroying these States United. But how can change be effected before the Presidential Election of 2024?

    The answer is simple: The 2022 midterm elections; there must be overwhelming turnover, plus remaining Leftist politicians should be encouraged by their constituents to grow a rare patriotic backbone.

    Now the logistics of an overwhelming Conservative /Patriot (real Liberals welcomed) majority in congress: 1) Stop the Biden /Harris Marxist agenda cold using the power of congress; 2) Investigate the Biden /Harris administration, and the Biden's family's penchant for becoming fabulously wealthy from using Biden's political position to sell to our enemies access to OUR Republic's government ... an access that few rightful citizens enjoy; 3) Rollback the executive and legislative damage done by not only Biden Harris Administration, but the Non Patriot Leftists ruling congress, which will need a 60 vote majority of Conservatives /Patriots in the US Senate to enact; 4) After investigations are concluded Impeach Joe Biden for dereliction of duty in failing to honor the oath of the presidency to enforce the laws of the land ... these infractions are many; 5) Then clean up as is necessary until the 2024 Presidential election.

    While these suggestions may appear severe to those who are non patriots, or are constantly consumed with paying no attention to what is real, I assure everyone that after witnessing the incredible Joe Biden Press Conference, which is fully available here above on BCN, without abrupt action as soon as is possible, OUR Representative Republic, the Free World, is in for a rough, probably disastrous ride to ruin.

More to come on this historic mess, which is ongoing in probable damage, and, especially in review of how we got here, and who to blame. Who to blame is most important, because this "I'm okay, you're okay"; "We're all in this together" nonsense must forever end.

    Publisher's Note: Continuing with this sorry subject, more can be found here.

After one full year of the Biden /Harris Administration: Does Joe Biden have the intellectual capacity, and, or the energy to lead the United States of America through the mess that he predominately created ... in just one year?
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( January 22nd, 2022 @ 8:53 am )
The rarest and most detestable form of Democratic Socialist Propagandist hack, prepared to continue headlong, will be revealed in this litmus test of dénouement, and will be roundly shown for all they are and all they are not.
( January 20th, 2022 @ 11:33 am )
This may be OUR most important local issue: A cognitively unintelligible president.

BCN publishes the proof here with this alarming press conference.

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