Beaufort County Commissioners Vote 4 to 3 to Deny Their Constituents the Act of Promoting Voter Integrity - February 7, 2022 | Eastern North Carolina Now

Nominal Republicans Frankie Waters and John Rebholz made an effective stand against Election Integrity, in concert with their fellow Democratic Socialist caucus members, to stop cold this resolution to limit Voter Fraud in North Carolina.

And, while this may be an incredible reality to "wrap one's head around"; there is actually a 5 "Republican" to 2 Democratic Socialist majority on this board of Beaufort County Commissioners.

    During this governing interlude of the bizarre, I considered this anology: What may stretch to strain the limits of incredulity regarding one man's Republican ideals, one might well consider that man's close political working relationship with this obvious closely held Nominal Republican's fellowship regarding the dictates of their caucus membership with the two Democratic Socialist commissioners, on this Beaufort County governing board, to be a very real and corrosive construct. Furthmore, the Nominal Republican /Democratic Socialist coalition may seem to be an incredibly odd relationship for the logical mind; however, OH NO, it has proved to a fortuitous one for all members of this caucus, where great success has been achieved by all parties in regards to: 1) Picking the board's chairman and the vice chairman; 2) Setting their ever increasing spending priorities; 3) Deciding where to limit oversight; 4) Pushing continually as a political caucus to control the board, the board's staff, to ultimately enforce a political field of play to better punish their political detractors, and reward their friends ... with YOUR tax dollars ... owed every year, YOU draw breath.

    The more I struggle, along with my long time political friend and ally, Commissioner Hood Richardson, to do the Right things for my community, the more I seem to face abject dishonesty, supported by pettiness and sophistry by Fake Republicans. It is simply incredible how so-called "Republicans" will elevate their petty grievances against their fellow real Republicans to the detriment of doing what is right; in this case, their pure and unadulterated advocacy in their support AGAINST Voting Integrity to continue our Representative Republic. This is the political and governing reality of existing on a governing board with the likes of Nominal Republicans Frankie Waters and John Rebholz; nothing that is real can truly exist unless they say so ... made possible because of their close "bipartisan" fellowship with the Democratic Socialists.

    Here below is offered the pre-written comments, and the aforementioned failed Resolution, authored by Beaufort County Commissioner Stan Deatherage, in support of Voting Integrity, and against Voter Fraud.

Argument Presented by Commissioner Stan Deatherage for Ratification of the Resolution, delivered on February 7, 2022

    "At the constitutional core of this issue of North Carolina, and all other states and commonwealths conducting free and fair elections, is the immutable truth that each independent sovereign governing entity of these United States have the constitutional duty to independently conduct elections, providing that all are compliant with the Voting Rights Act that is now six decades in existence. In essence, our Founders purposefully decentralized elections, through our United States Constitution, by guaranteeing that only states' legislatures suffer the independent right to enact Free and Fair elections as is their sovereign responsibility to do so.

    Where the conflict comes to the fore is that there is a massive political push by the Democratic Socialist party, even to the point of ending the centuries old U.S. Senate rule of Filibuster, and thereby nationalizing the elections in direct opposition to the constitutional wishes of our founders. While this political movement is unconstitutional on its face, this political call by the Left would further destabilize the public's confidence that their elections would remain free, fair and fully constitutional in application for perpetuity."

Beaufort County Commissioners are Resolved and Sworn to Demand, Without Fail, Voter Integrity in North Carolina, and All of its Counties

    Whereas, Beaufort County is a Body Politic of the State of North Carolina, whereby the Beaufort County Commissioners are sworn to govern, and therefore are legislated by the North Carolina General Assembly to enforce and provide the People: space and equipment to democratically poll the self-governed electorate of Beaufort County in each election; count their votes; and submit those correct tallies to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, and;

    Whereas, North Carolina is constitutionally charged by the People of North Carolina, and the federal government of the United States of America to democratically, and legitimately elect our governing officials, our representatives, by the laws passed by the North Carolina General Assembly, which is the process prescribed by our Founders fully within the dictates of the United States Constitution, as specified by: Article I, section 4; Article II, Section 1, the 12th Amendment; the 17th Amendment, and;

    Whereas, there is currently a spurious political movement by the Democratic Socialist Left, of which the Biden /Harris Administration is acting as lead spokespeople, to confuse the unsophisticated within our electorate by conflating a disingenuous and dishonest understanding of Voting Rights in conjunction with Voting Integrity, and;

    Whereas, there are no real Voting Rights issues of ""restriction of access" in states as claimed by this aforementioned radical Democratic Socialist Left, where any future national "Voting Rights" legislation could become any remedy to what is their promotion of false defects to OUR national democratic process, and,

    Whereas, Beaufort County's commissioners are dedicated, with great resolve and commitment, to hold free and fair elections here in Beaufort County, to which they must publicly fund all necessary components of that process as is their purposeful part of the electoral process; thereby, in return, expect and demand complete and unbiased Voter Integrity in all 100 counties of North Carolina, therefore;

    Let in Be Resolved, here today and forever, Beaufort County's commissioners understand that all elections must be fully democratic in purpose, while foundationally constitutional in that process, respecting both hallowed documents, one by our sovereign North Carolina, and the other by OUR United States, where and how our democratic elections are conducted, whereby the most fundamental right of all American citizens is guaranteed by the utmost integrity in that process.

    Written by Beaufort County Commissioner Stan Deatherage for passage on February 7, 2022, and immediately sent to: all North Carolina county governments; the North Carolina State Board of Elections; the North Carolina DOJ; the governor of North Carolina; Beaufort County's representatives in the NC General Assembly, including the leadership; and, ultimately, the entire congressional delegation representing North Carolina.

    On February 6, 2022, Diane Rufino published this like minded resolution on the same subject. For my fellow less experienced county commissioners, who don't write ... anything ... and then complain that my string of resolutions are far too complicated, there is a whole other world out there, where there are people who are knowledgeable, and caring to compete and communicate, one needs to read for comprehension, and, on occassion, write something that projects purpose. So far, I do not know of another county commissioner, save the vernerable Hood Richardson, that has done so.

    Publisher's note: If you are interested in our Archive of the Beaufort County Commissioners' General Meetings can be found here in this aforementioned enhanced format.

    Additionally, if you wish to catch up on some of the most important Beaufort County Commissioners meetings from 2019 through 2022, click here.

Is it fair or even patriotic to threaten states that do not conform to the Democratic Socialists' mandate to control the outcome of Free and Fair elections enacted by constitutionally guaranteed states' legislatures?
  Yes, all elections must be federalized so that the whim of the majority political party can set the standard for all elections.
  No, Our Founders purposefully decentralized elections by guaranteeing only states' legislatures the independent right to enact Free and Fair elections.
  I don't vote and I don't care.
378 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

After one full year of the Biden /Harris Administration: Does Joe Biden have the intellectual capacity, and, or the energy to lead the United States of America through the mess that he predominately created ... in just one year?
1,222 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

Should the current Congress, under the care of the Democratic Socialists, have the right to pass new legislation - H.R. 1 - attempting to strip these 50 states united from managing their own elections?
  Yes, elections have consequences and the Democratic Socialists are now fully in charge.
  No, the partisan passing of H.R. 1, by only the Democratic Socialists, to create an illegitimate rich environment to corrupt elections and control the ballot box is fully unconstitutional.
  I just don't care.
497 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

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( February 10th, 2022 @ 8:10 am )
For some disturbing reason, they feel immune from the conditions of their purpose as "Republicans", so they could care less.

I actually don't care how Nominal Republicans vote; I just care that they do it as "Republicans".

Actually, about 8 years ago when Frankie Waters quit the Democratic Socialist party to become a Republican, as a man aged enough to know that lying is very wrong, he professed to be a conservative Republican to steal the truth and votes from those that were not informed of what was true then, and even truer now.

He was elected, and then months later began his journey in his often professed "bipartisan" approach that quickly led him to that place where he continually caucused with the Democratic Socialist commissioners, and any other Nominal Republican he could find, which were far too many on that board.

At that time, no Republican on that board had any Republican pedigree of any real distinction; however, on good occasion only Commissioner Gary Brinn would vote in a manner to lean conservative, joining the venerable, always intellectually creative, and impeccably honest Conservative icon, Commissioner Hood Richardson - so it was a very workable situation for Frankie Waters to begin his career as a so-called "Republican renegade" - a constant and continual liar to electorate at large.

Today, nothing has changed except one immutable fact: I stand on that board with Commissioner Richardson, as honest as any commissioner in modern times (the lifetimes of anyone in Beaufort County still drawing breath), as honest as The Hood, and I will not abide any liar, especially one of Frankie Waters's caliber.

Furthermore, I will not abide any Republican interloper of any stripe at any time.
( February 10th, 2022 @ 2:16 am )
I hope the Reptocrats remember they're on camera when fhit hits the shan💊.

Think.....Mirror Mirror
( February 10th, 2022 @ 1:49 am )
Charles, these are bizarre times we live in, and these Nominal Republicans make little sense when it comes to serious issues if one observes them in the context of actually knowing what is real.

As soon as we can get the enhance video broadcast of the meeting up on BCN, I will very soon after segment first this exchange on this issue, and lend some commentary from what I heard after the meeting, when former Beaufort County GOP Chairman Patricia Garrison queried Nominal Republican Rebholz on his inaction in the face of this extremely serious issue for the continuance of our Democratic Republic.
( February 9th, 2022 @ 9:47 pm )
I'm having trouble understanding how opposing the support of fair elections is a very defendable position to take. Are any reasons given? Offhand I just can't imagine what the reasons could be.
( February 9th, 2022 @ 6:05 am )
Nominal Republicans Frankie Waters and John Rebholz make a stand against Election Integrity, in concert with their follow Democratic Socialist caucus members, to stop cold this resolution to limit Voter Fraud in North Carolina.

Only in Beaufort County would these so-called "Republicans" lend tacit approval to Voter Fraud to only appease those Democratic Socialists that they caucus with.

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