Could the Health Card Merry-go-round Diminish to a Pitiable End(?): The Beaufort County Health Director's Update - March 7, 2022 | Eastern North Carolina Now

For over two years, Beaufort County Health Director Jim Madson has kept Beaufort County citizens informed, through his monthly address to the Beaufort County Commissioners, of developments regarding Covid19, but could this health card merry-go-round diminish to a pitiable end?

Here in the continuing months, and, or years as we withstand this Age of Covid, Health Director Madson provides Beaufort County's Commissioners an update, which we will offer to the public as an visual archive of this historic period when our Republic went insane, and, moreover ...

    This Admission of truth has advised the cautious reader each month to take these reports at face value, understanding that Health Director Madson amasses much data from state and federal sources, considering now that those sources have often been in conflict with what was eventual true analysis. Consequently, it is most important to note that the pathetic plaintiff cry for "Science" has long been the Democratic Socialist cry for political patronage, but now appears, in all reality, to be actually only a cry for political deception; to their greatest end, we now have Covid Joe, unquestionably America's First Idiot President, to show for their sorry, non patriotic and corrupt purpose, this ignoble end.

    So the question remains: Could this "Health Card Merry-go-round" diminish to a pitiable end? A pathetic past for the Democratic Socialist Deceivers, who put petty politics far ahead of the accurate and real health care that OUR People deserve, and Lord knows, we have well paid for!

    If you are a good citizen, and you are not feeling a tinge of reflective anger deep in your patriot spirit now, you will at some point as all the history of this sorry posed pandemic becomes public, irrespective of how the Democratic Socialists have covered up so much to protect so many of their kind with clear ties to Communist China. I know this may sound like too much, for this poor professor of the truth, to lay on you just now, but there is so much more, and this sorry tale runs corruptly deep, and it will not end well for the devious ... not if we patriots show firm resolve.

    Oh, by the way, your commissioners of Beaufort County voted to spend 190,000.00 of "Free Money" to purchase a Covid Treatment Trailer after just being told that the threat of Covid appeared to be diminishing. Commissioner John Rebholz joined Conservatives Hood Richardson and Stan Deatherage in casting the NO votes in the minority to do what would be Right at this time in the Age of Covid.

Most of what is discussed, aforementioned, can be found in this segmented video, including the vote on the 190,000.00 Covid Treatment Trailer, purchased with "Free Money": Below.

    Publisher's note: If you are interested in our Archive of the Beaufort County Commissioners' General Meetings can be found here in this aforementioned enhanced format.

    Additionally, if you wish to catch up on some of the most important Beaufort County Commissioners meeting of 2019 through 2022, click here.

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