‘Stormy Knows He Has A Vagina’: Parents Insist Two-Year-Old Daughter Knew She Was A Boy | Beaufort County Now | A viral video shows two parents from Great Britain insisting that their daughter decided at the age of two-and-a-half that she wanted to be a boy.

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    A viral video shows two parents from Great Britain insisting that their daughter decided at the age of two-and-a-half that she wanted to be a boy.

    The video begins with the mother, Klara Jeynes saying, "On the sixth of March, we welcomed our beautiful twins into the world: a boy called Arlo and a girl called Emerald."

    "The first one they said was, 'This is a girl," the father, Matt Stubbings, recalled.

    "So now they're four years old and they identify as two boys," she asserted. Referring to her daughter Emerald, she said, "The first time I realized Stormy wanted to identify as male was roughly about two-and a half; but it's not really he said I want to be a boy, she said, "'I am a boy,' and that is the difference."

    "My name is Stormy and I'm four years old. I hear like a boy and I want to be a boy," the child insisted. "[Sometimes] people call me girl."

    "How does that make you feel?" the child was asked.

    "Sad," the child replied.

    "I can't remember the exact moment it switched over, but there was that point where I thought this isn't just a phase. This is not a little girl we're looking at here; it's a little boy," Matt Stubbings said.

    "He started being unhappy being dressed as a girl so he started being happy wearing dresses; hair clips were a big no-no; didn't like hair clips; didn't like pig-tails; he was genuinely upset as being dressed as a girl," he continued.

    "Before I had children, and certainly before the last couple of years, this whole thing I would have thought it was ridiculous," Stubbings claimed. "Honestly, I would. I would have watched me and said, "'No. You're crazy. You're making it up. You're abusing a child.'"

    His wife chimed in, "We constantly say, 'Are you a boy today or do you feel like you might - cause I don't want him to feel he's taken himself down a route that you can't turn back on.'"

    In May 2021, Phillip Schofield, a host on Great Britain's "This Morning" insisted that Stormy had first "shown signs of identifying as male at just eighteen months old." Matt Stubbings insisted that the child expressed the choice to be a male as soon as the child could talk and "express himself properly."

    "We did need to address it and validate it," Klara Jeynes stated. "Stormy's not confused. Stormy knows he has a vagina."

    She said pediatricians told the parents to "Validate what Stormy's feeling."

    "It goes without saying; we adore Stormy," Matt Stubbings said. "We love him so much. And we're so proud of him and so proud of the choice that he has made. ... I absolutely support what Stormy has decided to do."

    "And that's the thing, isn't it; as a society, we tend to want to put people into a girl or a boy box," cohost Holly Willoughby preached. "It makes us feel comfortable. But that's not reality, actually, is it, for lots of children?"

    "The thing is, so many people think that the biological sex and the gender is the same thing. .. What Stormy has decided, and other children in the same position, what he has decided and we've supported, should be celebrated really as something." Matt Stubbings insisted.

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