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    If you haven't noticed, the current Federal government has managed to confine you in an almost escape proof box. This box has confined you economically through deficit spending, inflation, taxation and welfare payouts. You are NO LONGER in control of spending money on your needs and wants. The government is deciding how to spend your money for you. Never mind that you may not agree. Let's say you get a nice raise because you earned it. That pushes you into a higher income tax bracket you have to forfeit your raise to less exemptions. It's a fun game they play and all for a good cause The Greater Good. So, rather than donate a few dollars to a favorite charity or candidate, they impoverish you while spending your dollars on programs that divide us and are of dubious benefit to all. So, one side of the BOX is moving in a direction that will crush you.

    A BIG problem in this country is the conscious effort by The Uni-Party (Republicrats) to limit competition, through legislation, for public office. The rules for declaring a candidacy are all geared toward eliminating competition. The rules for getting a new party on the ballot make it extremely difficult or almost impossible to launch a new party. What are they afraid of?

    This is the reason you get the same-old people in positions of power. The R and D after your name mean nothing. They are self-serving clubs. Do we really need any more Pelosi's, New Yorkers, Cheney's or McConnell's? Research their foreign investments and decide for yourself.

    Culturally, we are at rock (pardon the pun)bottom. What passes for acting, art, music and dance is delving the depths of depravity. The mannequins who call themselves actors are plentiful. They are incapable of dispelling "the willful denial of reality".

    They are not believable because they are unable to put themselves in the shoes of real people because of the environment they exist in. Without car chases, car wrecks, bomb blasts. Infidelity, sexual innuendo or filthy lips, they are at a loss.

    Substantial portions of art work are produced by the mentally ill where their masterpieces are anti-beauty, mangled, twisted or plain psychotic in nature. The problem is again an inability and unwillingness to compete with the beauty and elegance of past artists. So, we get objects with Jesus in a bottle of urine. Another side of the BOX closes in.

    Have you really listened to the lyrics of any so-called modern music? If you have and did not react negatively to the filth and degradation purveyed, your soul has taken a BIG HIT. I had an acquaintance who was a jazz guitarist ask me one time what I thought the difference between a "Rock" and a "Jazz" Guitarist was. The answer was "A Rock guitarist knows 3 chords and plays for 3000 people and a Jazz guitarist knows 3000 chords and plays for 3 people". This from a musician who spent 20+ years as Henry Mancini's guitarist. Get my drift? The accumulated knowledge of centuries negated by the corruption of the language.

    If you really want to know how far we are behind culturally, I encourage you to go on the web and type in "gimnazijakranjorchestrayoutube .com or japaneseyouthbandsyoutube .com. This will give you and idea of just how far we have slipped. We have replaced beautiful sounds with the yelling and screaming of heathens. Another side of the BOX closes in. Old -line religious denominations have also succumbed to the secular-humanists. These organization are NO Longer biblically based. Rather they have given in to their secular surroundings. Going to church, for many, has become habit or an effort to be a pert of a certain social-set. Many of the people in the pulpit these days are political and counter-culture advocates. But what can one expect given the kinds of environments they grew up in. I recently read an article which explained that 37% of current, practicing pastors are non-believers in KEY biblical passages in the Bible. So much for the virgin birth. Killing your faith and belief system represents the final side of the BOX closing you in. There are a few SICKOHS squeezing you in this MISERY BOX and it's time for them to go. Our entire society needs not a tune- up but a complete overhaul and this won't happen if you keep electing the same-old same-olds. There are few people who can reverse this trend and the other side is doing it's best to squash them. This is deliberate. BUT, you can change all of this if you vote qualified candidates not party hacks.

    John W. LaCava  •  Bath, NC  •  June 25, 2022
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