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Why are Cast Vote Records important? If you heard Jeff O'Donnell, a forty year veteran of working in the cyber arena, and Walter Dorriety, retired cyber worker and professor, on the second day of Mike Lindell's "Moment of Truth Summit," you know. If you missed them, let me tell you a little of what these erudite gentlemen had to say, and you can go to to learn more.

One does not have to look inside the machines in order to know whether votes are being manipulated. It can be determined by a thoughtful examination of CAST VOTE RECORDS, they informed us.

A Cast Vote Record is a record of each ballot cast. Jeff O'Donnell and Walter Dorriety told their audience they have gotten hundreds of Cast Vote Records. How did that work? People who were helping them  simply requested the records, and the officials who had the records  shared them freely with these people. These records can be used to  replay the election vote by vote in sequence as they were cast. As they  do this, they look for patterns, and some patterns cannot be achieved  without manipulation. They made it sound simple, and for them, it  probably is, but I expect it requires a lot of knowledge about statistics and  probability and the like.

We can't all evaluate the Cast Vote Records, but we can all request them. There are a couple of "rubs" you need to be aware of. The first is that we're approaching the end of the 22nd month after the 2020 General Election, and federal law requires that the voting records must be kept for 22 months, so in order to get the Cast Vote Records for the 2022 General Election, we need to get them before the September 3 deadline, or many of them will be lost. We need to get busy. Fast!

Some good news is that we were told by the O'Donnell-Dorriety team that in Texas, citizens now have the right to not only request and get the Cast Vote Records, but also to view the physical ballots themselves.

However, the second "rub" is that while many states and counties readily give out the information on request, not all of them do. It varies by state and by county. For example, Peggy Hubbard who has served in the military and as a civilian policewoman, ran a very energetic campaign to become a U.S. Senator representing Illinois. She traveled 110,000 miles and visited all 102 counties. She was consistently up in the polls. Things were looking good, but she wasn't shown as the winner in the official election results. Smelling a rat, she requested Cast Vote Records. Interestingly, the counties in which she won gave them to her when she requested them, but (you guessed it) the counties in which she lost refused to cough them up. Surprise, surprise. WHAT do you think they were hiding?

My husband, Hal, and I requested the Cast Vote Records for the 2020 General Election in Craven County, North Carolina (the county in which we reside). The Acting Director of Elections, Carole Dempsey, said it  was against NC law for those records to be given to us. I asked her to  explain what the law says and to give me information so I could read it.  She said she'd email it to me on Monday. She did not, so I sent her a  certified letter with return receipt requested stating what had happened  and asking her to either give me the state statute she was relying on or to give me the records requested. Time is short. We're exploring our options.

Where can you get the wording needed in order to make a clear, concise request for Cast Vote Records in your jurisdiction? Go to and scroll down the home page a short distance looking at the options of places to go on the site. The first square in the first row of smaller squares is titled, "Save Your Country! Get Your Cast Vote Records Now!" Click on it and you'll go straight to a paragraph requesting the records and a list of what specifically needs to be included so there'll be no misunderstanding by your board of elections. Hal and I began our letter (we delivered the first one in person in order to speed things along) with that.

Patriot, please get cracking and request your Cast Vote Records today. Time is short, and we've got a republic to save!

If you have comments or questions, I can be reached at

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