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    America needs bold action by Republican Senators and Congressman if it is to be saved from the devastation caused by the Democrats/Biden administration.   Half measures will not do.    The following are some of the most obvious actions needed:

  1. Border Invasion: No country has ever survived intact without controlling its borders.  Estimates are that at least 5 million illegal aliens will have invaded this country by the end of the Biden administration.  That is more people than the population of 25 of the fifty states!  Not only must the border be totally closed but the invasion must be reversed.  Illegal aliens must be identified and deported.  Eligibility for social programs including free education must be restricted to citizens only.  The so-called “anchor baby” provision must be repealed.  Relatives of immigrants should not be immediately eligible for admission to our country.

  2. Federal Government Expansion: Ronald Reagan warned against the expansion of the federal government.   The federal government now has over 1 million civilian employees.   The Democrats are poised to add 87,000 new IRS agents.   Big Brother just got bigger.   All federal agencies should have their budgets reduced by 5% each year for the next four years.  A flat tax should be implemented which will essentially eliminate the need for a bloated IRS.

  3. Energy Independence. We desperately need to return to full energy independence and the ability to export energy resources to our allies.  The entire basis for the destructive clean energy movement is based on a false narrative that the earth’s climate is controlled by manmade pollution.   Natural forces beyond man’s influence control the climate and always have.  The Republicans need to fight the very false basis of manmade climate change and act accordingly.  No modern civilization can survive on so-called renewables.   We need abundant and cheap energy to survive especially against China.

  4. Dependence on China. We have allowed ourselves to become economically dependent on communist China.  This must be reversed.   Right now, our medical supplies and essential consumer products are manufactured in China.  A conflict with them, not to mention a war, would devastate our country.  Returning the manufacture of essential products to America is crucial to our survival/ independence.

  5. Controlling the FBI. The FBI has become an agent of the political arm of the administration just like in every other authoritarian government.   The director and other top officials of the FBI should not be career FBI employees wedded to the agency and not to the people they serve.  The law enforcement authority of the FBI must be eliminated.  They should return to investigative activities only.  All law enforcement actions such as subpoenas, warrants, search and seizure and arrests should be conducted by the local sheriff’s departments.  Lying to the FBI should no longer be a crime.

  6. Education. The constitution does not grant any role for the federal government for education.   The federal Dept. of Education should be eliminated and all control of education returned to the states.

There are undoubtedly more actions needed at the federal level to save our county, but the above would be a good start.

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