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    As a clinical psychologist I have knowledge of the impact of dementia especially among the elderly.   Of course, not all people will suffer with dementia but generally mental acuity diminishes with age.   The impact of dementia is difficult enough on the individual, but the dangers to an entire nation of a president with dementia will be profound.   It is clear, that Joe Biden has dementia since he manifests the classic symptoms such as: memory loss (did not remember a member of congress was recently deceased); loss of vocabulary and fluent speaking (that is why he almost always uses a teleprompter); faulty reasoning (his staff has to walk back many of his statements); disorientation/confusion (looking around like he is lost) and emotional control (outbursts of anger in his remarks.

    Now, all of the above, diminish Biden’s ability to perform the requirements of one of the most difficult jobs one can imagine.  However, they are a considerable threat to the survival of not only the United States but to the whole world.  People with dementia increasingly lose their ability to reason and to recognize the nuances necessary for effective problem solving.  They see things as black or white which limits their problem solving ability.  Dealing effectively with international conflicts such as the Ukraine/Russia war requires the ability to examine all possible options and evaluate them in a rational manner.  Totalitarian leaders like Putin have to be dealt with in a strong yet non-threatening manner.   One of President Trump’s strong  points was his willingness and ability to meet effectively face to face with leaders of other countries. This included the leaders of Russia, China and North Korea.  Biden does not have this ability, which is a definite risk to world order as can be seen by the escalating tensions with all three of these countries.

    As mentioned above, loss of vocabulary and fluent speech can result in poor choices of words.    In international relations, words have meaning that can oftentimes not be retracted.   To tell an authoritarian leader of the country with the greatest number of nuclear warheads in the world that he “…must be taken out;” as Biden has done is reckless and dangerous in the extreme.  Biden does not even appear to recognize this reality.   Similarly, to say as Biden has done, that a Russian use of tactical nuclear weapons will lead to total “Armageddon” leaves no room for compromise and could provoke a total nuclear strike by someone who decides he has nothing to lose.   When not reading from a prompter, Biden is reckless and unreasoned in his choice of words and oblivious to their impact.  Not good to say the least.  On the domestic  front he has labeled Trump supporters and those who oppose unrestricted abortion as domestic terrorists.  What do you do with terrorists?  You arrest them and confiscate their guns.   The weaponizing of the FBI and Department of Justice are authoritarian actions that are increasing the division in this country.   Adding 87,000 weapon trained IRS agents is more evidence of government control and intrusion in our lives.

    What do we do?   First, get out and vote Republican so controls can be placed on the Biden administration before it is too late.  Second, insist that elected officials take firm steps to reverse the Biden actions such as open borders that are destroying this country.  It is past time to take back our country; the time for half-measures is over!

    ~ Alan Harrop, Ph.D

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