GOP Oregon Gubernatorial Candidate Christine Drazan Says Oregonians Are ‘Done’ Night Before Election Day | Eastern North Carolina Now | Republican Oregon gubernatorial candidate Christine Drazan continued to push for change in Oregon on Monday night before Election Day.

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    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Charlotte Pence Bond.

    Republican Oregon gubernatorial candidate Christine Drazan continued to push for change in Oregon on Monday night before Election Day.

    In an appearance on Fox News' "Ingraham Angle," Drazan discussed the disastrous violence that is plaguing Oregon's urban areas.

    Host Laura Ingraham pointed out that last year, Mexico City's homicide rate per capita was lower than that of Portland, Oregon.

    "There is no universe in which the murder rate in Portland should be close to the murder rate in Mexico City, and Oregonians are done," Drazan answered. "They are done with it. They're done with the excuses, they're done with the poor leadership, they're done with single party control. There is no amount of spin that can cover up what it's like right now in our urban centers and across our state. Oregonians deserve better and they're demanding better."

    President Joe Biden campaigned in Oregon for Democratic candidate Tina Kotek, who is the former Speaker of the Oregon House. Drazan has tied Kotek to current governor Kate Brown, who is also a Democrat and one of the least popular governors in the country.

    Ingraham played a clip from Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) encouraging Oregonians to elect Tina Kotek as governor of the state.

    "Everything is on the line," Warren said, listing "our reproductive rights, our health care, the needs of working families, and our democracy itself."

    "It is tone deaf," Drazan replied. "You have to be completely oblivious to what life is like in Oregon. To come here and make a national, D.C., elite pitch to Oregon voters right now is completely tone deaf."

    "Oregonians across our state are talking about kitchen table issues, the things that actually affect real people. Inflation, rising costs, rising crime, lower quality of life across our state and certainly education standards that have plummeted under Democrat leadership."

    "My opponent Tina Kotek has been in charge. She has linked arms with Governor Kate Brown in these last six years and has driven our beautiful state, our great state of Oregon, into the ditch. And Oregonians themselves are demanding better."

    Unaffiliated candidate Betsy Johnson is also running in the three-way race for governor of Oregon, making the field more complex as Johnson was a Democrat in the state legislature for many years.

    Drazan began making gains in polling a few months ago as she narrowed the difference between herself and Kotek. Drazan has focused on solutions to crime, homelessness, poor education scores, and more in order to win the support of Oregonians and become the first Republican governor elected in the state in more than forty years.

The Democrat leadership has made constant, profound and incredible pronouncements that one's supportive vote for Republicans is tantamount to surrendering Democracy forever. Understanding their sincere thinking in their extreme position: How will you still vote on this election day?
  Democrat; because the continuance of this Democracy from the existential threat of extreme Republicans is paramount.
  Republican; the process of having a choice is the democratic method within what so called "Democracy" does exists.
  For the best candidate; and to be clear: This Constitutional Republic /this Representative Republic is not a Democracy, and never has been.
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