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Random Shots, by Buzz Cayton

If you have been too busy or just don’t care you might be interested to know about the SAVVAS social studies curriculum that may be voted on this coming Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 5:30 by your local school board.

I say that facetiously.  You may not have heard about it because they do not want you to know.  We are led to believe that there are eight possible social studies curriculums that the State allows the board to choose from.  This was narrowed down to three.  Then a group of our very best teachers, but no parents, were assigned to study these choices for one year.

Their Choice was SAVVAS.

If they had just gone to Doctor Google, instead of Doctor higher education, they would have found a number of teachers who have used it trashing this junk. 

We need you and your friends there Tuesday night at 5:30.  The Board meets in the Back of the old PS Jones School Building.  There is parking in the back.

Why should you to be there?  Out of 13 Schools in Beaufort County eight of them are graded “D” by the Department of Instruction.  (A (D) is now 40 on the current grading system).  It used to be 70, but we have to make things look better than they are.

Just a few examples:  They will be teaching how to confront/dispute the church, they will be using already prepared posters and info on Gay Pride Month,  Quoting Scripture that say “Peter was a fisher” not a fisherman (We have to get the gender equality right) Martin Luther was not a reformer (that was a fable).  The list goes on to further indoctrinate and confuse and proselytize Socialism, gender choice and racial division. 

   In the real world, there is a very successful and much used ploy called subliminal advertising.  This is the method of inserting hidden meaning into a presentation.

This has been used extensively by those promoting Socialism in our K-12 School Systems and our University Systems.

Yeonmi Park, a North Korean Defector who now works as a human rights advocate, says that the rigid left-wing propaganda dished out in US universities like Columbia University where she graduated is no different than the propaganda dished out in North Korean schools that she attended up to age 13. "At Columbia University they were saying that all the problems that we have is because of capitalism, because of white men, and the solution for all these problems is a communist revolution in the name of equity."

We have devoted, competent, and professional teachers in some of our schools.  These brave people should not be demeaned, nor should they be hung out to dry because of having their hands tied due to a misguided curriculum and lack of discipline in their schools.  This all goes back to leadership and taking an inclusive approach to involving parents and the community in what should be a common goal.

After all the bureaucratic and school jargon cliches that are the talking points to cover their trail, we are still faced with a failed Public School System. 

We need Parent’s Rights, Transparency, Community involvement, and a moral and practical approach that parents support for educating our children to become successful and productive citizens in society.

We can start right here by stopping this “SAVVAS Social Studies curriculum that is promoting “Gay Right’s month” and “How to confront/dispute the Church” along with the other subliminal messages of CRT, ESL, DEI, and other forms of Creeping Socialism. 

It is the duty of this board to set and uphold high academic standards.  BCS’s performance has been dismal for decades.  Let me repeat that.  BCS’s performance has been dismal for decades.  Every superintendent since the “merger” has contended “we are improving…” but the school system is failing nearly half of our students in basic skills, to say nothing about shortchanging our best and brightest students.  This board should set specific performance targets for each school and hold the principal and faculty accountable to meeting those targets in a timely manner.

This will only happen if parents, concerned citizens and industry step up to the plate and demand better results.  Beaufort County is spending $14000.00 Per year per student for their education now.  What are you getting?



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( February 19th, 2023 @ 8:39 am )
Our failed education system in so many sectors of this Republic will be our undoing if not checked and remedied quickly.

In regards to new curriculums to steer our youth in any number of directions positive and negative: Why not publish blind excerpts through Real News Publications, like Eastern North Carolina NOW - beauforcountynow.com - (ENC NOW), for the public's unfettered consumption?

ENC NOW (the strongest technology, the leading website /the most powerful and complete online platform in the Beaufort County region, would have supplied this public benefit at No Charge; instead, our local school system spends large sums of the public's money to promote administrative issues rather than inform the public at large to a far fuller and most necessary extent.
( February 19th, 2023 @ 7:24 am )
It is time to put the woke community to sleep. Washington Daily News front page this week, two men married to each other. Keep this out of our schools by showing up Tuesday night. Churches and parents need to be there.

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