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By:  Observer Editorial Team

Beaufort County Republican Chairwoman Carolyn Garris' accusation of “party disloyalty” against Tandy Dunn has been unanimously overruled by the Arbitration Committee of the North Carolina Republican Party.  The committee ruled than Dunn picking up his wife from the fundraiser of a close relative of hers who was running as a Democrat was not party disloyalty to the Republican Party.

Garris had unilaterally ruled that Dunn had automatically resigned from his positions in the Republican Party for picking up his wife from that event.  The same event was attemded as a participant by liberal Republican commissioner Frankie Waters, who also gave $250 to the Democrat's campaign.  Waters did sign a resignation for party disloyalty for backing the Democrat.

The Arbitration Committee had conducted a hearing by teleconference on the matter, in which Garris participated and told her side along with Paul Varcoe and Jody Forest.  While Dunn was not able to have his witnesses present, he did tell his own side of events.

This was still held against Tandy Dunn at the county convention, however.  After Dunn was reelected precinct chairman of Tranters Creek precinct and turned in his credentials Saturday, he was told that he was not eligible due to Garris' ruling of party disloyalty and that unless the precinct chose a different chairman, they would be ruled an unorganized precinct. Dunn was wrongfully denied the precinct chairman's seat on the county Republican executive committee and the opportunity to run for a voting at-large seat on that committee.

Meanwhile, the powers that be in the local party allowed Frankie Waters and Kelly Cox, who had resigned a few months ago due to party disloyalty over supporting the Democrat sheriff candidate to fully participate in the convention and be elected to the county executive committee.  Several others who had contributed to the Democrat sheriff candidate or had publicly supported him were also allowed to fully participate and be elected to positions including the county executive committee.  This is a blatant double standard where those who actually did commit party disloyalty are given rights but one under a false accusation is denied them.



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( March 30th, 2023 @ 6:50 pm )
No response to my questions? Your silence is deafening, Madame Chairman!
( March 30th, 2023 @ 6:42 am )
The RINO Hunter said it best. The RINO Hunter is extremely accurate and right on target.

We all have a duty to stand up for truth, justice and the American way. Not calling out anyone who shrouds themselves in the mantle of lying is wrong. We do not have to have agressive behavior. We cannot sit on our hands either.
( March 29th, 2023 @ 8:31 am )
The real question is whether the Beaufort County Republican Party leadership will now do the right thing by Tandy Dunn. We need to be fighting the increasingly radicalized Democrats, not engaged in a circular firing squad among ourselves.
( March 29th, 2023 @ 6:43 am )
Queen Garris is at it again. Her statements below are false. Garris on her own engineered the complaint against Dunn. He never had a vote much less a 2/3 majority vote as is required by the rules to have charges brought against Dunn.

Queen Garris, it is party disloyalty to do what you have done to try to destroy the conservative faction within the Republican Party.

Frankie Waters and several others who now sit on the Executive Committee actually gave money to the Democrat Candidate for Sheriff in 2022, Garris supports these people.
( March 29th, 2023 @ 7:30 am )
Ms. Garris, I have found the Republican Party plan of organization, sort of like a party constitution, on the NC Republican Party website and studied it. I read in your comment that you say you followed that document, but I have a few questions.

First, please cite me the provision of that document that gives you the power and authority to decree that someone has "automatically resigned". I see the provision on automatic resignation but it does not provide in its terms for any particular person or body to make that determination. Please cite the specific provision by number from that Plan that gives you as county chairman the power to do this. The article above says you did it "unilaterally" which I presume means doing it by yourself without the consultation and agreement by any county party body. I do not even see anything in this plan that even says whether such a determination is made at the county, state, or some other level. I also read the part about powers and duties of the chairman, and I saw nothing there that gives you this power. Am I missing something? If so please point it out.

Secondly, it appears that Dunn is being punished more severely than those who actually admitted party disloyalty, while the determination has now been made that he should never habe been punished at all because he did not commit party disloyalty. While it is not completely clear from the article, it would appear that he had already been suspended from participation in party offices sometime close to when those who resigned did so. Please clarify whether that is true. The others had their resignation go out of force at the convention because they were allowed to run for things, but Dunn's was not. If that is the case, that is clearly a double punishment. Alternatively, if the punishment for Dunn just started at the convention, why was that done while his appeal was still pending?

So the two questions are:
1) Cite the specific provision of the Republican plan of organization that gives you as county Republican chairman the power to declare that someone has "automatically resigned" due to party disloyalty. Give me the specific provision number.
2) Was Tandy Dunn punished both before the convention and at the convention for party disloyalty and was that inconsistent with the punishment of those who actually committed and admitted party disloyalty? Why were the latter allowed to run for office and Dunn not?

The internet is an amazing thing. There is a lot of information out there that can be found to fact check comments such as yours. Anyone reading this can have a look for themselves at the NC Republican Party website and decide for themselves whether that document was followed. As the old saying goes "the devil is in the details.
( March 29th, 2023 @ 5:31 am )
None of this is "rocket science," but it is obfuscated as such, and that is where these NEW so-called Republican leaders attempt to lead the narrative astray.

What is real is the history of the actions of real people that act in a real manner, and should be remembered as such NOW and long into the future. This is all we have to be judged by in the present, how to be remembered.

This past weekend, on Saturday, March 25, 2023, I witnessed the official, final split of the Republican party in Beaufort County, a final demarcation of ambitions, and divergent directive paths initiated now, to be forged further on.

On one side of that final line of that very real split are those real people that have individual histories as integral real Republicans; on the other side, people who are NEW to what is real in Beaufort County, to what is real in politics, NEW to what it means to govern in a real manner, and with others who have a far different, resolute perspective of what is real.

What I witnessed was a division of a general dichotomy of the public - the Beaufort County GOP - and a more specific division of that dichotomy, where the Sheeple will be led into the coral of their control, and the Usurpers will operate the gate ... and, then there is the other side ...

These long standing Republicans, of good conduct, are those led by intrinsic golden ideals, where knowledge and honesty are our greatest tools in what should be a unified Republican front against the evil of a corrupted government. Corrupt governments in Washington, DC, and even more closely here in Beaufort County, where one enlightened division of Republicans will seek answers and solutions, rather than the ambition of greater power attained to protect the corrupt, to keep those Sheeple under tighter control.

In this sick, sour environment within the final split of the Beaufort County GOP, it is no coincidence that the Tandy Dunn affair did NOT go well for the Usurpers and those that they control.

How any Republican, in today's times, could be so bereft of such real knowledge to the point of that loss of their own identity of purpose, their personal integrity to know what is real, is a sad commentary on so much, I must now refrain from speaking any deeper on this salient sorry subject.

This is truly a sad statement of these current affairs.
( March 28th, 2023 @ 7:14 pm )
15. That said, the Beaufort County Republican Party operated correctly under the Plan
of Organization. The Automatic Resignation provision, unlike the Party Disloyalty provision,
does not afford any opportunity to be heard to individuals like Mr. Dunn.

I informed Mr. Dunn that he had the right to file for an arbitration hearing and I am glad he did. We have revised our Plan of Organization to hear items such as these at the local level. I believe this is the way it should be. I respect the process. Thank you for your spin but I will be happy to clarify and answer any questions.

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