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GOP did well in spite of being outspent


Virginia's elections have been closely watched for their signals for 2024, and Big Media is harping on the GOP narrowly faling to win legislative majorities in either house or senate. Republicans were facing headwinds on two fronts; they were running in districts drawn by Democrats for Democrats, and big money sent into the state by the national Democrat Party, which was not reciprocated by the RNC, gave the Democrats a significant spending advantage.

If one drills down into the results, Republicans won every legislative district that Trump won in 2020 plus every district that Biden won by 9 points or less.  To win an overall majority, Reublicans would have had to win one Senate district and three House districts that Biden won by 10 points.  In spite of falling just short on a majority, that indicates a huge swing away from Democrats and toward Republicans.

In summer, when Republicans were locally outraising Democrats for these races, the Vitginia GOP told the RNC that they probably would not need national party funding, but when the Democrats dropped substantial national party money behind their legislative ticket, the Virginia GOP went back to RNC and said they needed funds to counter the Democrat money. RNC refused, and that is one of the things fueling calls for removal of RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel.


Among the Democrat losers were Susanna Gibson, running in the Richmond suburbs, who had noteriety for posting hardcore porn videos online on a site called Chaturbate, asking for tips, and Jessica Anderson, running in Williamsburg who made a tape of her urinating in a public park instead of using the public toilets provided and posting it online with the commentary "yeah, I'm peeing.  Avoid yellow snow".


In liberal Loudon County in northern Virginia, the incumbent Soros-backed prosecutor was defeated by her Republcian opponent despite having a 12 to 1 spending advantage. Voters were tired of the soft-on-crime Soros agenda.


School board seats were also falling to conservatives across the state.  Liberal Loudon County will have an all new school board, as both liberal incumbents running lost to their Republican challengers.  Republicans also picked up another open seat where an incumbent retired.  Loudon is a county where parents and students have both been up in arms against the school board's policy of allowing biological boys into girls restrooms.


Mississippi, Kentucky, and Louisiana also  held elections this year, and Republicans captured the governor's office in Louisiana to replace a termed-out Democrat, as well as winning all other statewide offices.  Republican incumbent Governor Tate Reeves was reelected in Mississippi overcoming a spirited challenge from Elvis Presley's cousin and all other statewide races went Republican.  In Kentucky, Daniel Cameron, the states first black Attorney General failed to unseat the Democrat governor.  Carmeron faced a racist media attack funded by Soros.  Both of the other statewide offices went heavily Republican.

There was also a special election for a long Democrat held state senate seat in Massachusetts where a Republican scored an upset, flipping the seat to the GOP in a campaign focused on illegal immigration and blaming Democrats for its burden on society.  This shows the great potential of that issue for Repubicans in 2024.

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