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The British government now has a new cabinet minister specifically tasked with fighting against the "woke" agenda.  Former Brexit hardliner Esther McVey, Member of Parliament for Tatton, has been named Minister without portfolio in the cabinet with the assignment to target and counteract wokery.  Unofficially, she is being called the new "Minister for Common Sense".

McVey is a small "c" Conservative and is one bright spot in Prime Minister Sunak's cabinet reshuffle.  The party's right however, is fuming over his sacking of Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who has been leading the fights against illegal immigration and for tougher law enforcement.  Sunak was apparently upset at Braverman recently calling out the pro-Hamas demonstruations as "hate marches" and demanding the the London Metropolitan Police curb them.  The return of globalist former Prime Minister David Cameron as Foreign Secretary also upset many on the right of the party.  There has already been one letter of no confidence submitted against Sunak for his dumping Braverman, and if enough are submitted, Prime Minister Sunak could get the sack himself.

Meanwhile, Braverman has released a scathing letter to Sunak accusing him of "betraying the nation" on illegal immigration and of being "uncertain, weak, and lacking in leadership" in response to the pro-Hamas hate marches.

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( November 15th, 2023 @ 8:55 pm )
Fighting wokeness is great, but it sounds like "Fishy Rishi" is faking it on fighting illegal migration.

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