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populist and traditional right tied for first place


The Netherlands elects its lower house of parliament Wednesday in a snap election, after immigration and climate policies brought down globalist prime minister Mark Rutte's government.  According to the final poll of 7,000 voters by respected Dutch pollster MDH for Dutch media, the populist / nationalist anti-immigration Party for Freedom of Geert Wilders is tied with the traditional conservative VVD for first place at 26 seats each, while the populist / nationalist anti-immigration New Social Contract is tied for third  at 23 seats with an alliance of the Labor and Green parties

Also on the populist right, the Farmer Citizen Alliance is at 7 seats, the Forum for Democracy at 5 seats, and JA21 is at 1 seat.  Also on the traditional right, the Christian Democratic Appeal is at 6 seats and the Reformed Party at 2 seats.

Minor centrist parties are projected to win 12 seats and minor leftist parties 10.

The biggest loser seems to be the left liberal D66 which won 24 seats in the last election but now polls at winning only 6.  D66 was the main party in the last coalition pushing moves against Dutch farmers and wanting open borders.

The traditional conservative VVD is also faring worse than the last election, where they received 34 seats.  However, its new leader seems to have put the brakes on Rutte's globalist tendencies and said she is open to a coaltion with the populist right.

The poll reflects the last televised election debate, which Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders was widely regarded as the winner.

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( November 19th, 2023 @ 10:54 am )
Weakness in dealing with illegal immigration brought down the last Dutch government, but is appears the new parliament will have a solid anti-immigration majority, and the main party responsible for weakness on illegal immigration will get trounced.

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