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The left seems to have a double standard for everything - one draconian  set of rules for conservatives and another, much more lenient for themselves.  Where authoritarian "hate speech" laws have been imposed, they are used to clamp down on conservatives while leaving the left and the globalists exempt.

A good example of that is in Ireland, where a globalist prime minister has caused a criminal investigation of a populist nationalist opponent for criticizing the government over immigration policies, while taking no action against a left wing politician who openly called for anti-immigration protesters to be shot or beaten to death.

And it is getting downright hostile to free speech in the UK.  Now a retired cop is facing six months in jail for a reply someone posted to his comment, and the reply itself would not have been illegal not very long ago.  The UK probably had more freedom when George III was on the throne.


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( December 5th, 2023 @ 6:25 pm )
A French senator was also charged with "hate speech" for posting "immigration kills" after an illegal alien migrant brutally murdered a young French girl. The EU is becoming the Fourth Reich with the way it is suppressing free speech. Without free speech, there can be no democracy.

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