Brutal NYT Focus Group Results Show Majority Prefer ‘Conceited’ Trump Over ‘Unfit’ Biden | Eastern North Carolina Now

    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Daniel Chaitin.

    The vast majority of participants in a New York Times focus group of undecided independent voters from around the country picked former President Donald Trump over President Joe Biden.

    Out of 13 participants, who ranged from ages 22 to 64 and came from a variety of demographic groups, 11 said they would vote for Trump, and two said they would back Biden if the election were to be held today.

    Many of the adults who selected Trump appeared to have a negative opinion of his personality when asked to provide a one-word description of the former president as a person.

    The responses included "Conceited," "Narcissist," "Egotistical," "Self-righteous," and "Irritating." Yalena, a Latina 22-year-old stay-at-home mother from Alabama, said, "I was just going to say 'crazy.'"

    Biden also received some unflattering reviews.

    One participant said Biden was "unfit" for the presidency. Natalie, a 22-year-old administrative clerk from New Jersey, said Generation Z would describe Biden as "a little bit senile." Other words that came up were "disingenuous" and "puppet."

    Most of the adults indicated the economy was the issue that worried them the most, and they said it would be top of mind when it came to voting for president, beating out immigration, abortion, protecting democracy, and the Israel-Hamas conflict.

    Trump received some praise for his record on the economy while Biden got compliments with regard to infrastructure, having "competent staff," capping prescription prices, and racial diversity.

    When it came to recommendations, a couple suggested Trump should "tone it down" and "stay off Twitter." For Biden to win over more undecided voters, some said he needs to speak more freely from himself and come up with "great" policies.

    The overall sentiment about the upcoming election appeared to be pretty bleak. Participants used words such as "Anxious," "Disaster," "Abyss," and "Bulls***," to describe how they were feeling about it.


    Biden and Trump are the frontrunners as of mid-February, but they are not the only candidates still in the race. Others include Nikki Haley, who is Trump's last remaining major GOP rival, and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    Two of the adults in the focus group, both of whom picked Trump, raised their hands when asked if they were thinking about voting for a third party candidate in November.
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