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The key components are the anode, cathode, separator, electrolyte, and lithium ions. Materials used are carbon, nickel, lithium, manganese, and cobalt, among others. The highest need is for lithium because most of the battery is made of it.

How Much Raw Material Does It Take To Make An Electric Car Battery?
It all depends on the battery and the car model, but we will take average numbers so that you can get a glimpse at the figures in question:

25 pounds of lithium
60 pounds of nickel
44 pounds of manganese
30 pounds of cobalt
200 pounds of copper
400 pounds of steel, plastic, and aluminum.

Where Do Electric Car Batteries Come From?
Most of the electric vehicle batteries come from factories in China. Also, batteries are made in the USA, Poland, Hungary, Japan, Canada, and South Korea.

Materials are gathered from all over the world. Lithium is mostly mined in South America, specifically Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia; cobalt is mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo, while nickel is found in Australia, Indonesia, and Brazil.

How Rare Metals Are Mined
The process of mining the rare metals varies depending on the mine, however our ‘Electric Cars Aren’t Green?’ sums up how some of the mines operate:

At a mine in Jiangxi, China, workers use ammonium sulfate poured into big holes to dissolve the clay.

What’s left is hauled out of the ever-expanding hole, before being run through multiple acid baths to dissolve other unwanted compounds.
The resulting compounds are baked in a kiln, finally revealing the rare metals required in electric car batteries.
Just 0.2% of the result is the rare metals; the other 99.8% is waste.
This 99.8% waste earth (and other compounds) – which is now contaminated with toxic material – is dumped back into the originally-created holes.
Many of these rare earth mining processes also unleashes plumes of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere, and can harm aquatic life in nearby rivers and streams too. Finally, 50-60% of cobalt comes from the Congo, which unfortunately has a poor human rights record with 40,000 children working in cobalt mines for $1-2 per day.


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( April 12th, 2024 @ 10:30 am )
The other thing about big lithium batteries is that they spontaneously combust, burn very hot, are hard to extinguish, and give off toxic fumes. Not only do electric cars spontaneously combust, but so do electric buses (London and Paris have already had several go up in flames) and utility scale electric storage batteries (Wouth Korea, Belgium, Australia, and California have already had that happen). Owners of electric cars have had them carch fire while driving down the road or parked in their garage. In two cases aleady, ships carrying electric cars as part of their cargo have had the brand new cars combust at sea, burning up the ship. These things are dangerous and should be banned.

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