New court docs show collusion between White House, Biden DOJ, and Archives on FBI raid | Eastern North Carolina Now

Newly released court documents on the Florida classified documents case against President Trump are the smoking gun showing political collusion between the Biden White House, the Biden DOJ, and Archives in orschestrating the FBI riad on Mar-a-Lago.  They also reveal that corrupt pro-Biden prosecutor Jack Smith tried to cover this up.

The original documents were released in January in a heavily redacted (blocked out) form that hid these details.  Judge Cannon just ordered the release of the unredacted version.  Judge Cannon seems to be the only fair, unbiased, non-partisan judge of any of those presiding over the Trump witch hunt cases.

While previous court rulings on the Presidential Records Act would justify Trump retaining these documents, at the time the Biden regime greenlighted the attack on Trump over them, Biden himself, with no protection of the Presidential Records Act, was in possession of boxes full of classified documents himself.  The hypocracy of Biden's assault on Trump over this issue knows no bounds.

No wonder that former Attorney General Bill Barr, though no fan of Trump, is supporting him over Biden because Biden is the bigger threat to democracy.

The sad thing is that the Democrat propaganda media that styles itself the MSM, will certainly try to sweep this under the rug for political reasons.

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Big Bob said:
( April 25th, 2024 @ 1:14 pm )
If you only love America when you win, something is very wrong.
Bubba said:
( April 24th, 2024 @ 8:20 pm )
What Biden and his allies are trying to do to Trump is exactly what Putin and his allies have done to his political opponents. It is shameful that we have crooked judges that allow things like that to happen. Leaders of a true democracy do not try to jail their opponents.
( April 24th, 2024 @ 5:29 pm )
The White House and DOJ officials involved are Biden political appointees. They are joined ata the hip with Biden. Biden himself is so spacey, he probably would not even understand what they are talking about. Jack Smith, Alvin Bragg, and Fani Willis' boyfriend all had meetings at the White House on their prosecutions of Trump. That stinks to high heaven as does Fani Willis' meeting with Kamala Harris.

Wally is extremely ifnoran t of the Presidential Records Act. The Biden political appointee at Archives did NOT have unilateral authority to determine what did and did not fall within that act. All court decisions under that act have ruled that the president had very broad authority on what to retain.

And what about BIden? There is absolutely NO authority for a former vice president or a former senator to keeps the documents he did, lots of them in mulitple places.
Wally said:
( April 24th, 2024 @ 1:07 pm )
This article is just bull! There was senior DOJ coordination but Biden was not involved. An action such as this had never been done before--an FBI raid on a former President.Trump had ample opportunity to return documents belonging to the National Archives.He returned a selective few on two occasions but never returned all. He lied saying he had no more documents.He lied and hid what remained.Documents were not subject to Presidental Records Act. Editor--your are entitled to your own opinion,but not your own facts!

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