Cruz: Democrats ‘Willing To Throw The Constitution In The Trash’ To Defend DHS Secretary Mayorkas | Eastern North Carolina Now

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    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed Senate Democrats this week as impeachment proceedings for Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have begun in Congress' upper chamber.

    Cruz made the remarks during the most recent episode of his "Verdict" podcast with co-host Ben Ferguson.

    "Democrats [are] willing to throw the Constitution in the trash in order to avoid any national attention on the disaster that is playing out on our southern border," Cruz said in speaking about the millions of illegal aliens that have come into the U.S. under President Joe Biden.

    Cruz said that he believes that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is going to try to cover up the border crisis by trying to avoid having a trial in the Senate because "he doesn't want the House managers to present any evidence."

    "Schumer and the Democrats are terrified of the evidence of the suffering of the people who've died, of the people of the children who've been sexually assaulted, of the women who've been sexually assaulted, of the fentanyl deaths and the drug overdose deaths," Cruz said. "He doesn't want that evidence put before the American people."


    Cruz continued, "Why does Chuck Schumer want to avoid a trial? Because he's desperate to protect the Democrat senators on the ballot from the consequences from the deaths and suffering and people who are suffering misery, because of their open border politics and policies, which they intend to continue, and Schumer, this is all about political camouflage."


Considering the deep morass of complete incompetence at the Federal level, in the executive branch of our self-governed People, unarguably the worst in modern times; if certain changes could be made by Impeachment of those most qualified: Who would be your best choice because of abject Corruption, incompetence, or both?
  Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas
  Attorney General Merrick Garland
  President Joseph R. Biden
  Are you a MAGA Extremist, and do not know any better? These are our best of days, not our worst.
  FBI Director Christopher Wray
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Should the Institutionalized Corruption of the Biden /Harris Administration, in this separate instance the Open Border Policy of our Sovereign Southern Border, be not only tolerated, but sanctioned by the raising of local spending by local politicians to pay for these now visible and known effects of rampant, and out-of-control Illegal Immigration?
  Yes, it is a kind thing to do, and a way that our county, our state can aid in this tremendous effort toward local federal foreign aid; and now, thankfully, in great abundance.
  No, our Constitutional Republic WILL NOT continue to exist, as our United States of America, if we do not control our sovereign borders, to protect our citizens, to keep them solvent and safe.
  I only consider what is topical and popular since my friends, too, only care to do the same.
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