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The left's suppression of free speech has gotten to the point that a young woman politician has been convicted criminally for citing her own government's official statistics on gang rape by illegal alien migrants.

27-year old Maria-Theresa Kaiser, an AfD politican in Lower Saxony in western Germany was convicted for publishing the official government statistics complied by the German government on gang rape by Afghan migrants.  She cited those in responce to a Social Democrat politician inviting in 200 more Afghan migrants to Hamburg.  Those statistics show that Afghan migrants are seventy (70) times  more likely than a German to be involved in a gang rape and, by far, the group most likely to commit gang rapes.

Free speech advocate Elon Musk was dumbfounded by the conviction, asking "are you saying the fine was for repeating accurate government statistics? Was there anything inaccurate in what she said?" .  But that is exactly what the German court did.  Miss Kaiser has appealed.  The discussion of this case has generated tens of millions of views on X (formerly Twitter).


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( May 7th, 2024 @ 4:23 pm )
This problem is in a number of European countries, with Scotland just passing a "hate speech" law and Ireland on the verge of one. It is being applied to political speech by elected officials. A Belgian member of the European Union parliament is now under investigation for citing his own national government's statistics on asylum seeker migrants and crime in a speech on the floor of the EU parliament. A member of France's Senate has been charged for posting "Immigration kills" after the brutal rape and murder of a young French girl by an asylum seeker migrant.
( May 7th, 2024 @ 3:57 pm )
The Biden Democrats are trying to do the very same thing here in the US to thwart our First Amendment right of free speech. They tried to set up a government run "Ministry of Truth" when Biden set up a "disinformation board" but a public outcry forced them to back down. The Biden Democrats have connived with Big Tech to censor the free speech of Americans and that issue is now before the Supreme Court in a lawsuit filed by the Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana. One of Biden's SCOTUS appointees in that case stated she was worried about the First Amendment hamstringing the government, but apparently did not comprehend that is exactly what it was intended to do.

The problem is not just at the federal level, as there are attempts in some heavily Democrat states to crush free speech with "hate speech" laws. This always comes from the Democrats, not the Republicans.

The Trump administration had a very good record on free speech, and the Biden administration a bad one.
Big Bob said:
( May 7th, 2024 @ 3:33 pm )
In Germany, not the US. If you want the right to free speech, don't vote MAGA.
( May 7th, 2024 @ 1:33 pm )
There have been sexual assault problems with the thousands of unvetted Afghans that Biden let in to the US after his chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. Now Biden wants to take in some of the one million Afghan migrants that Pakistan is in the process of mass deportation back to their home country. No wonder that Pakistan does not want them. Why should we?

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