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told to let all single males just walk in excpet for 6 countries


The liberal media have been busy trying to spin Biden's recent executive order on the border as an attempt to control migration. That is a far cry from what it really does, but a leaked memo to Border Patrol agents dated after that executive order is the real smoking gun on Biden's open borders policy.

The memo was circulated among Border Patrol agents in the San Diego sector (and probably all sectors, but that is the one from which it was leaked) and headed with "Please See Updated Presidential Proclamation guidance below. This is effective immediately".  The memo then instructs the Border Patrol to let single adults walk into the country on their own recognisance with a notice to appear, except for illegal aliens from six countries, all from the former Soviet Union.

Most illegal aliens are military aged males, so this covers the largest segment of illegal aliens.  It also means all of the Middle East and Africa have their illegal aliens just waived into the US, even though many countries in both regions are hotbeds of Islamic terrorism.  Illegal aliens from China, one of our major geopolitical adversaries are also just waived in, and lots of them are coming.

This memo exposes the real anti-America border policies of the Biden regime.


This article is from the largest circulation newspaper in the UK, but does anyone believe that the MSM propaganda media in the US will give it this coverage?

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( June 10th, 2024 @ 11:38 am )
This is just more of the open borders attack on America from Joe Biden and his handlers. He may try to disguise what he is doing to America, but the truth will come out.

In theory, that memo does call for some illegal aliens from the western hemisphere not to be just let in with a promise to appear in the distant future, but in reality this stops only those not briefed ahead of time. Most illegals throw away documents showing who they really are before they cross the border. What name, age, and country of origin they give at the border will be whatever will maximize their situation in getting into the US. They should be polygraphed on all of that but they are not. Countries that have taken steps to varify the age of those claiming to be "unaccompanied minors have found that a majority of them are really adults who are lying about their age, for example.

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told to let all single males just walk in excpet for 6 countries
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