Democrats 'Jumping Ship' as The Amateur Loses the Iraq War, and Prepares to do the Same Elsewhere in the Middle East Theater | Beaufort County Now | Amateur Obama, a Democrat president, who would not allow the word terrorist to be used in his administration during his first 5 years on the job, has inarguably lost the War in Iraq, and is now losing the World Wide War on Terror, making Americans less safe world wide, and here at home.

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A dangerous day awaits our nation as ISIS is truly providing perfect succor to hate-filled Islamists.

    Amateur Obama, a Democrat president, who would not allow the word terrorist to be used in his administration during his first 5 years on the job, has inarguably lost the War in Iraq, and is now losing the World Wide War on Terror, making Americans less safe world wide, and here at home. Obviously the ideal of "All we are saying ... is give peace a chance" is not working under The Amateur's watch.

    The radicalized Muslims of this world expect America, as the beacon of hope of the civilized West, to be supplicant to their hegemony of a Sharia Islam, or perish by their cruel, murderous hands. The latest Islamist supremacists, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), are the very essence of the word that Candidate Obama, and his administration, would not utter until the embarrassment of the Benghazi debacle on 9/11, 2012 - Terrorists. Goaded by a splintered faction of the Mainstream Media, and alternative news sources, Amateur Obama finally used the word terrorist to describe that remnants of these murderers that did still exist. Now it appears that events in northern Iraq, where the ISIS militia are slaughtering Christians, Kurds, Shite and moderate Sunni Muslims, and now beheading, at will, American and British journalists and aid workers.

    Before the abominable spectacle of western innocents being beheaded, Obama - The Wise, The Merciful - did nothing to stop the onslaught of these murderous Muslims throughout the region. The Amateur president; either by trying to grow into the award of his Affirmative Action Nobel Peace Prize, or, sadly, and probably, he just didn't care, as if he felt somewhat measurably above such trifling matters, and did little to fight the War on Terror, declared after 9/11, 2001.

    Aside from the boastful directive of ordering the death of Osama bin Laden, after over 100 days of owning actionable intelligence of his location, The Amateur has done little to fight this very real War on Terror. In fact much of what Amateur Obama has accomplished has culminated into what became extremely counter-productive, some may argue, even to the point of aiding the enemy.

    The list of these sophistic endeavors are long, the highlights of which are: the "Apology Tour", of 2009, blaming our United States of America for entangling in the foreign affairs of Muslims; the discontinuance of enhanced interrogation of captured terrorists, while releasing other terrorists from a closing Gitmo back into the fight; promising these war criminals civilian trials on the U.S. Homeland; drone killing suspected terrorists rather than capturing, interrogating them in an enhanced manner; 'leading from behind' during the Arab Spring, 2010, where we took no position, or 'backed the wrong horse' in every government uprising; the infamous 'red-line in the sand' in Syria; Benghazi on 9/11, 2012, where The Amateur and Hillary B. Clinton blamed a 'despicable video' for the murderous actions of a organized gang of terrorists ... for more than a week; not understanding, and following the advice (at least partially) of military leaders at the head of the greatest fighting force this world has ever known; and the 'granddaddy of them all' - pulling all American troops out of Iraq, and copiously bragging about it 'for good measure', after the former United States president did listen to his military advisers, and did win that war in Iraq, and the subsequent peace, such as it was. To put an exclamation point on The Amateur's extreme sophistry, Amateur Obama announced to Americans and the World, on May 23, 2013, at the National Defense University within Washington, DC's Fort McNair, 'The "Global War on Terror" is over'. Now, we know that this sophistic commentary is far from reason, and farther still from any semblance of a reasonable truth.

    The problem with Candidate Obama, as an American president, is that he does not understand how things work, and how serious it all becomes when they do not work, and the perfect power of living the truth and telling the truth. Instead of acting as a positive force, as America's first Affirmative Action President, he is more conditioned to blaming others rather than correcting the problem at hand. Blaming is easy, working out problems is difficult.

    In Amateur Obama's first 5 years of president, he made a political living out of blaming former president George W. Bush. While the candidate blamed Bush, the younger, he also found a vein of political acceptance by blaming the Republicans in congress for his multiple legislative failures, not least of which was his colossal dereliction of ObamaCare, which was passed in a purely partisan manner quickly before any of the Democrats even read, even skimmed the bill. When the Bengahzi attack occurred, 9/11, 2012, The Amateur formulated a fabrication of a 'despicable video' scenario to blame, rather than save those stranded at the consulate in Benghazi. Rather than send in troops dotted throughout the region, The Amateur's administration issued orders 'to stand down'. In patriotic contrast, these orders were thankfully disobeyed by contract commandos at the nearby CIA annex, heroes to the core, who did answer the call of duty to save those state department personnel; all were injured - shot to Hell - and two died: Ty Woods and Glen Doherty.

    These men were, and are patriots. The Amateur is not. He is an Affirmative Action blamer, with little real working knowledge, and a narcissistic miss identification of himself - he is devoted to a misguided calling that he is the smartest, and most competent man in every room. His abysmal success rate in: dealing with Republicans in congress, his military generals and advisers, his choosing of cabinet and staff, his inability to negotiate with foreign contemporaries, and his atrocious reality of success in defending his autocratic actions to the United States Supreme Court would firmly suggest otherwise.

    Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, a President George W. Bush holdover, possibly a Republican ("but at this point, what difference does it make?"), remarked about The Amateur in his new book, “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War”: "Obama appeared to doubt his own strategy in Afghanistan to the point of being “outright convinced it would fail.”

    Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, a partisan Democrat, said in a recent 60 minutes interview, regarding the unimpeded surge of ISIS: "The Islamic State terror group was able to flourish, in part, because the U.S. entered the conflict in Syria too late, saying the Obama administration should have armed the country’s moderate rebels earlier." Former CIA Director Leon Panetta continued: "I think we should have left eight to ten thousand troops in Iraq. It would have given us greater leverage to deal with Maliki (Nouri al-Maliki)".

    Leon Panetta is not the only Democrat keeping a squishy distance from Candidate Obama. Liberal Senator Diane Feinstein has repeatedly stood in harsh criticism of the inaction of her Commander-in-Chief. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) mentioned on Meet the Press: "President Obama may be underestimating ISIS and moving too slowly to head off the Sunni militant group. I've learned one thing about this president, and that is he's very cautious — maybe, in this instance, too cautious."

    In this campaign season, just weeks away from the midterm elections, Democrat politicians, one after another, are keeping their distance from the perpetual Candidate. It is as if he is political 'Kryptonite'. Even North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan, who has voted as instructed by The Amateur 97% of the time, will not allow herself to be seen with B. Hussein Obama, much less have her picture made with him.

    This is the problem with an Affirmative Action, Narcissist President is that they often believe they have a greater insight because they are so well thought of by others. Fortunately, The Amateur is becoming isolated in his devout sophistry in support of unerring devotion to his disastrous cause - the transformation to mediocrity of our once great land.

What should the United States's purpose be in dealing with ISIS/ISIL?
99.3%   Eradicate these evil murderers from the face of this civilized Earth.
0.7%   Degrade and contain them.
0%   Understanding cultural diversity, allow ISIS/ISIL to remain as they wish.
143 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

Considering Mr. Obama's chronic incompetence in making important decisions, moreover of late, those that would keep Americans safe: Is he competent to serve as president for the duration of his term?
3.56%   Yes, I am enamored with this 'transformational' man.
95.85%   No, the man should be removed from office before he does anymore damage.
0.59%   I only know that I was hauled to the polls to vote for him.
337 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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( September 27th, 2014 @ 9:26 am )
Colin Powell was forced out after making far too many mistakes in advising the President.
( September 27th, 2014 @ 9:15 am )
Maybe, Stan, that's why you have a "Obummer Headache" these days ~~~ your Conservative halo is on a little bit too tight!

I prefer to listen to all people of intelligence, no matter what their label. Colonel Powell was in the heart of our first invasion of Iraq / the argument before the United Nations that we should again invade it and depose Sadam Hussein due to WMD. Once he knew what a crock it was, he resigned rather than lie anymore!
( September 26th, 2014 @ 6:57 pm )
I stopped listening to Colin Powell when he coined the word "transformational".
( September 26th, 2014 @ 5:50 pm )
Did you see the Colin Powell interview recently??? He begs to differ with you over the Middle East strategy of the President.

I would say he knows more than either of us --- wouldn't you????

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