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    Publisher's Note: Jim Bispo's weekly column appears in the Beaufort Observer.

    Eric Holder has been one of the most rabid race baiters to surface in this country since Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were in their prime. What has made him particularly disruptive was his ability and willingness (desire??) to bring the power of the Justice Department to bear on anyone and anything he felt was not behaving exactly as he wanted. Cases in point: Collecting AP records: going after James Rosen's e-mail based on a sworn statement to the effect that Rosen was co-conspirator (because he was doing his job of collecting news) in some nefarious scheme: Strong arming banks and others into paying exorbitant "fines" while ignoring the managers (big time Dem contributors??) who either brought about or facilitated the financial meltdown: Giving the Black Panthers a "pass". At the same time he refused (tacitly) to "go after" transgressors such as the IRS (think Lois Lerner), the State Department (think Benghazi), the ATF (think gun walking), the VA (think falsified "waiting lists"), to name a few. And he seems to have ignored Congress' request for documents related to any of those....

    But, as bad as they are, his biased outlook and management style as our Attorney General may not be the worst thing we can think of. His legacy at Justice is likely going to turn out to be a whole lot more troublesome.

    We talk about the Prez.' influence lasting for a long time after he leaves the government housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave by virtue of the liberal judges he has appointed. And he has appointed quite a few thanks to the ethically reprehensible behavior of his chief sycophant Harry Reid who virtually single handedly subverted the Senate oversight of "Presidential appointments". Holder's legacy will be almost as significant as the Anointed One, albeit not as visible.

    Back in June, in a piece entitled You Can't Fire a Fed, I wrote about the so called "Plum Book" and so called "Schedule C appointments". People appointed to Schedule C jobs do not carry with them the normal Civil Service job protections enjoyed by career employees.

    I said: "These jobs, which I believe are mostly paid at the GS15 level aren't bad paying jobs. In fact a lot of folks (including me) would view them as pretty well paying jobs. The down side (from the Schedule C employees standpoint) is that they do not enjoy the "job protections" enjoyed by ordinary Civil Service employees. They can be terminated virtually at will by the same forces that employed them to begin with.

    It is quite normal at about this point in every administration that a great many of these Schedule C folks who have gotten comfortable in the bureaucracy and become friendly with the "regular" employees, begin to "work the system" in an effort to get converted to a "regular" (i.e. career) employee status. Many of them will be successful and move into non Schedule C "career positions" where they cannot be removed at will by the new administration's people. "

    It is those Holder appointed Schedule C people who convert to "career positions" who are worrisome. They can not only continue to influence the Department's liberal policies but they can also thwart the desires of a more conservative management. To the extent they are successful, Holder's policies will live on at the Justice Department - a change in Administrations not withstanding. To the detriment of people who want an "even handed" Justice Department, they will have become "faceless bureaucrats" surely intent on spreading the Holder (or is it the Obama) doctrine - and there isn't much we can do about it. Both Reps and Dems do it but that doesn't make it any less odious or reprehensible . It should be stopped..

    Between Holder and the Anointed One, there has been more damage done to race relations in the United States than ever before. They have both fanned the flames of racial animosity without pause since having been ensconced into their powerful positions. If very many of the Holder people get into career positions, race relations will surely continue to deteriorate - which would certainly be a very bad thing. Not only does he send his troops to Ferguson MO to investigate the shooting of a black youngster by a white policeman, but he goes there himself. When a recent convert to Islam in Norman OK whose face book page is reportedly rife with Jihadist material beheads a lady while shouting Jihadist slogans, Holder doesn't even bother to denounce the action - or even question calling the crime "work place violence"; the same as the Fort Hood murders were treated. They name streets after people like him - "One Way". I suppose the day will come that when we see a street named "One Way" we will wonder if it is named after the Anointed One or Eric Holder...

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( October 13th, 2014 @ 2:42 pm )
I DON'T THANK!!!! With the typical "distraction by association," your make a piss poor case, my brother.

You add the derogatory "anointed one" and I am really unimpressed. Take a note from Tillis' failing campaign ~~~ as old Agnew noted, "The negative nabobs of negativism" are the enemy of the American Republic!

Surely you will listen to a good alliterating Conservative ---- before he was indited over violation of law, that is!!!!

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