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This will likely NOT run on CNN or other media. Since its first subject is the Bush Administration ---Fox News won’t divulge it either . . .

    This will likely NOT run on CNN or other media. Since its first subject is the Bush Administration ---Fox News won't divulge it either . . .

    We are supposed to be nation of laws and compassion. We formed from the Imperial designs of England and Europe which each owned parts of the New World. England had the NE and coast from VA to GA. Spain was in Florida and other Caribbean Islands as well as South America. The French were all along the Gulf Coast.

    New immigrants were settling in New York and forced into ghettos by nationality. The poorer ones landing in the NE soon discovered the Appalachian Trail and moved to the mountains extending down to Tennessee and Arkansas. My Scarborough ancestors appear to have landed in southern coastal VA and migrated through NC and on down to Madison County GA, near Athens. Much land was for sale or, in the case of the mid-west, great land rushes took place.

    We viewed Native American tribes as barbarians whose land was up for grabs. The Pamlico Indians were driven from my shore and Bath was established as the first town in NC. White men had superior weapons and viewed themselves through the eyes of Imminent Domain. We were so "special" that God gave us this frontier to survey and divide amongst ourselves and our children who must have been direct descendants of Adam and Eve with God's command to "be fruitful and multiply."

    Human greed is a common factor.

    No society has lasted more than 400 years of the Roman Empire. The Egyptian Empire lasted longer, but was more a confederation of tribes than a vast and unified nation. The Inca Indians of South America were the same. Unless it is Roman or English, we really don't give a rip over who had the biggest and longest rule over parts of this earth.

    As a nation we are technically 200+ years old. We were intent on ourselves until WWI and WWII came along. After WWII we viewed ourselves as the most powerful nation on earth. The atomic weapons discovered to bring Japan to its knees insured us of power, but the Russians soon had such weapons and the Cold War was on. I was born in 1946 as the war ended and we pursued the dream of Capitalism. It was based on the assumption that small businesses competing would raise the owners to wealth and power. We had a representative government and we felt all people were treated and represented in the "American Way."

    The sky was the limit for each of us. My parents came from the farm. My father hitchhiked to Mercer University and worked his way through. My mother was from a SC farm family which owned their land and got through the Great Depression by the skin of their teeth. She became a school teacher. As a child I loved to visit in the summer at Granddaddy Williams' farm. It was down a crooked and graveled road at the time. The lights hung from the tall ceilings on a cord with a pull string to bring them on as it got dark. Their conveniences were from the Rural Electrification Act. Their phone was on a party line. Cousin Lenard's white frame store at the fork in the road was a community meeting place and favorite place for Granddaddy to take us boys for a Coke and little brown bag we could fill with the candy of our choosing. Vinland School Road ran near the Farr's Bridge Road which ran from the White Horse Road of Greenville to Pickens and Pumpkintown.

    It was in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. From his porch you could hear the sounds of racing boats on the Saluda River reservoir nearby. We could shoot a .22 at birds perched on the electric wire. Me and our cousins could roam at will and ride the mules if Granddaddy hitched them with bridles and saddles. Strom Thurmond was Granddaddy's favorite politician. He finally got a TV and you could get stations from Asheville, NC, Greenville and Spartanburg, SC. They were less polished than our stations in Atlanta. Channel 5 was CBS / 11 was ABC / 2 was NBC. Atlanta had not yet reached its first 1 million residents. I-85 was still a dream. We traveled the roads between Winder, Lawrenceville, Elberton, Easley and then to Granddaddy's house! We jumped and shouted to be the first to see it across the valley as Vinland School Road took a sharp turn and then we were in his drive with all the big oak trees and white wood house.

    Meanwhile, we became engaged in Korea, then Vietnam, now in the Middle East and various small places from Panama, Cuba, you name it. We seem to always be meddling in some other country's business. Lust for their trade and goods at cheap prices are at the bottom. Now China and Japan are major players in the world market. Where once it was GM, Ford, Chrysler, now it is Toyota, Subaru, Daimler-Benz, and other auto manufacturers who produce cars costing more than my first house in 1970 at $16,000. It was a nice 3-bedroom starter home. Things have changed much in my 68 years of life. We went to the moon and now have space stations only dreamed of when I was in the 5th grade. Satellites give us TV from around the world.

    I notice America is not that well liked in other places. We go with great dreams of "freeing the oppressed." We end up being the oppressor and our soldiers come home with PTSD over the atrocities they had to commit in self-defense. They go with dreams and come back with nightmares and mental issues.

    Something is badly wrong with this picture. It has to do with the World Court Charges being vetted and cited in the beginning. The Bush Administration tortured POW's. The Obama Administration is using drones to turn Middle Eastern people into mush and gore on their sands. We are getting at the Terrorists, but now have them hiding inside the US and with new orders to do anything they can to maim and destroy our people on our streets. I can't quite say I really blame them after our tanks and planes enforce our will on them with guided weapons of mass destruction we have. No one has yet pushed the nuclear button, but it is a matter of time until they do, I fear . . .
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( February 7th, 2015 @ 5:49 pm )
Well ~~~ DAMN THOSE LIB-ERRR-ALLLS!!! We should burn them all at the stakes and make them live in the Middle East, Stan . . .
( February 7th, 2015 @ 3:46 pm )
Jimma was an outstanding Liberal. One of the best in modern times.

Barack Hussein may be a more accomplished Liberal, but lacked Jimma's negotiating skills, which Hussein Obama is proved to have none.

Amateur Obama has certainly supplanted Jimma as the most ineffective president in modern times - in fact, it is not even close at this point. Moreover, at least Jimma appeared honest.
( February 7th, 2015 @ 6:24 am )
I am sure you viewed the linked videos in several places here . . .
( February 7th, 2015 @ 6:22 am )
Too bad you are such a political conservative freak that you miss the qualities of Jimmy Carter:
(1) He walked down Pennsylvania along with his wife as a show of humility.
(2) He refused to go to war over oil prices in the Middle East.
(3) He was a DC outsider and those embedded were hell bent to make his way hard.
(4) He ordered the mission to save Iran hostages, but it failed---had he been successful it would have been all glory and honor / because of the failure all Presidents since have shied from action that brought Osama to justice by WHO?
(5) The back channels got Reagan elected by keeping the hostages until he won office by the same crooked means as too many Republicans. FLA / Bush
(6) He has become a honoree with the Nobel Peace Prize and Habitat work along with several published works honoring wise diplomacy over war.
(7) Have you ever been offered an Adjunct Professorship at Emory and the likes?

He is a man of love and diplomacy / you are one of the most hard-headed and angry Conservatives I have ever debated, but since you have some good sense to reason in a debate, I honor your conservatism, good buddy . . .

We shall agree to disagree on many things and that is OK by me.
( February 6th, 2015 @ 6:58 pm )
No. I would not list Jimmy Carter as one I would learn anything from.

I have too much common sense for that.

Jimmy Carter is a lucky man; however, now that Barack Hussein has well filled that special place once held by Jimma. Actually Jimma will never get that spot back.

If you don't know what spot I speak of, you certainly aren't a Conservative. You would not even be a thinking Moderate. And unequivocally, you would not be a true student of history.
( February 6th, 2015 @ 3:51 pm )
I and my father are both acquainted with MLK and his father / Jesus the Christ / Harry Emerson Fosdick and Peter Marshall, to name a few. Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter are both Emory adjunct professors.

Why would I be surprised that self-taught and the major fomentors of war do not guide you . . . Take your choice, those who read us~~~hate or love and forgiveness. . .
( February 6th, 2015 @ 2:19 pm )
You just proved my point, once again, with every word you write.

My training came from abject common sense, and my governing heroes in modern times - a few names I can mention: Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher to name a few. Military rulers like Douglas MacArthur, and warrior generals like George S. Patton and Norman Schwarzkopf.
( February 6th, 2015 @ 10:13 am )
My God, you are prone to overstatement --- on behalf of the other person, Stan.

I am simply saying, "If the shoe fits, we must own it." Our activity at Abu Garib and Guantanamo were hidden as were the death camps / people died and were tortured at our hands by the orders of Bush / Cheney / etc. The only ones dealt with thus far were soldiers at the lowest levels following orders.

Emory gave me the ability to reason and get out of my southern conservatism to a better kind of conserving that which is wiser. I often wonder where you got your training in abject Republican / Tea Party Conservatism. Explain, if you can . . .
( February 6th, 2015 @ 9:01 am )
You're kidding me here.

You're are equating American patriots with Nazis, the Waffen SS, Auschwitz,etc., Nuremberg? Is this the stupid crap that you learned at your dear Emory, or are these just mush-minded Liberal talking points?

Water-boarding about 40 terrorists is the Liberal moral equivalency of The Final Solution?

You continue to prove what Americans will one day wake up and know: liberal Democrats will never keep them safe in today's world of Islamic fascism.
( February 6th, 2015 @ 6:22 am )
Just up this morning from yesterday's hearing of the Armed Services Committee:

This guy is a young Turk with a hate that won't quit --- does he speak for you, Stan?
( February 6th, 2015 @ 6:06 am )
Sorry, Stan, your exposure to the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals is a bit naive . . . The LEADERS were imprisoned, tried and hung for the same kinds of TORTURE inflicted by them against Geneva Convention rules for proper POW treatment with humane controls.

We, like the German citizens, have known what was going on, YET have not acted to punish it and bring it to justice. Dick Cheney smiles and acts as though it was the "right thing to do." It produced no actionable intelligence results. It has created a multitude of Middle Eastern relatives and countrymen who say, "If they did it to us with such heartlessness, whey should we have a heart towards them!"

To put a religious face on it, Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you / forgive your enemies / love one another . . ." to cite a few Christian things to do --- as opposed to the hate of the Pharisees and desire to control the people to make hate happen . . .
( February 5th, 2015 @ 10:28 pm )
I think I get the point here: American warrior patriots are bad; America's first Affirmative Action president, who lost one war and is losing his second, is good.

I guess we can thank Democrats and squishy Middlecrats, who put Barack Hussein into office to leave America, and the free world vulnerable to Islamic fascism.

Now I do believe I get your point. Islamic fascism is truly not the big of a problem, and if it becomes a problem, it is the fault of American warrior patriots.
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