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There are so many readily apparent culprits to blame for these pathetic children's bad behavior, but, still, I prefer to mostly blame the child - seeds putrefying in the fertile soil in which they wallow.

Part One: University of Missouri Goes Berserk

and in their abject distraction, their stupidity provides the worst example of authority

    It is epidemic, it is academic, and do we take it seriously? Another, more salient question that begs to be asked: How did this pathetic behavior evolve to such a level of incredible ineptitude in such a broad swath of humankind? Why have these laboratories of Liberal indoctrination reached a boiling point, where the politics of Socialism have replaced the rigors of education?

    From my observation, however clarion in my perception or yours, the seeds of this petulant behavior in these college age spoiled brats began generations earlier. While these cry baby students are mostly to blame for their immaturity, they are still the manifest embarrassment of generations of abject Liberals and self-identified Moderates, who believe that children are our "greatest resource", and must be coached and coddled in order to persevere in this American society that is still the envy of the world. In other words, and in full truth, these are sad examples of young adults and have no purpose in any scenario where they might be considered as such. Furthermore, those administrators and coaches that lend any credence to this misidentification harbored by these querulous pups that they might be nearing the threshold of some meager maturity should be summarily shown the door. It was the intent of the overtly liberal Education Industry to create a victimization culture dependent upon the political correct tenants of distopic ideals, and it is now a roaring dyslexic lion ripping the progressive flesh from their brittle bones. I, for one, am both pleased and suffered revulsion, in equal measure, to observe this temper tantrum of the collective campus child rail against its Liberal master - the Education industry's version of Dr. Frankenstein and its petulant monster.

    In keeping with the revulsion of this petulant child /monster theory, within this recent University of Missouri Infantilization Event, the Missouri president, Tim Wolfe, and chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, were forced to resign as an act of Liberal contrition to pay homage to the mess these Liberal administrators contrived to create. The pathetic Missouri football coach, Gary Pinkel (no role model himself), chose to capitulate to the bad behavior of 30 of his Black football players, who would not play football this Saturday unless President Tim Wolfe resigned; rather than promise to show up to play with whatever team he could field against a worthy opponent, Brigham Young University this November 14, he threatened to keep his team off the field unless the president resigned under pressure, quit or was fired.

    This atrocious role model, as an authority figure, Gary Pinkel, threw University President Wolfe 'under the bus', and we still do not know completely why. There are possibly two allegations, by someone, of racist words used on the campus of 35,000 students, but we aren't clear as to whom. There is a separate allegation of a swastika drawn in excrement on the wall of a public bathroom, or was it a stair well, but where is the evidence, was there not a smart phone available to record this awful moment, so ...

    How did this campus dystopia all really begin?

    Enter Jonathan Butler, a graduate student/assistant and a Liberal of great privilege, who lost his publicly paid for health insurance when the University elected to entice these part time workers onto the roles of ObamaCare. As a matter of protest, Mr. Butler went on a hunger strike, in full public display on public property, encircled by a continuous throng of pathetic Liberals, some of them instructors, and I will bet some are the 30 striking Missouri football players.

University of Missouri Communication Dept. Associate Professor Melissa Click here calls in "The Muscle" to take care of a student journalist in this skirmish of Free Speech vs. the Education Industry Bimbo.
    These student journalists, this untainted young man and photographed photographer Tim Tai, are venerable in their efforts to report the truth (equal to the best these days). Vidographer Mark Schierbecker filmed one of the greatest gaggles of Stupid that I have seen in some time as they shielded ObamaCare Dis-advocate Jonathan Butler. Both of these aforementioned principled journalists were pushed and threatened by the ringed Throng of Stupid - at times led by University of Missouri Communications Department Associate Melissa Click - shown here as a fascist leading a crowd, and, on sadly, a publicly paid idiot leading a Missouri classroom. In this monumental moment of truth, Ms. Click, as the frumpish red-headed authoritarian publicly stomping all over the First Amendment, and as a stupid leader, and thereby teaching these infantile children to be as stupid as she is, and, "let's be clear" she is egregiously so. I remind you one more time, the identified Ms. Click is a public paid employee on public property

Here we have that promised 'Video of Truth', by Mark Schierbecker, which is a perfect example of Liberal Authoritarianism gone rabid and rampant: Below.

    So this is how this plays out in Missouri? The Liberals running the University have decided against freedom in favor infantile students' comfort in all situations, at all times, irrespective of the liberty that they have, and will rob from others. To put a finer point on this Authoritarian process, the University of Missouri Campus Police have now announced: 'call the police if they witness "hurtful or hateful speech."

    This is silly in focus, it is preposterous in substance, and the University of Missouri is now a national joke. The truth here, and on the campuses of other pathetic collegiate institutions ruled by budding Fascists is that they will always defend "safe speech", dwindling acceptable speech, while they choose to limit, or end whatever growing quantities of Free Speech that stands as an encumbrance to their Liberal ambitions. No real patriot of our United States would defend such behavior. It would be tantamount to their defending Fascism. No American patriot would never defend this wanton behavior, especially from a petulant child.
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