The Hurricane Irene Story | Beaufort County Now | Hurricane Irene was an extreme weather event in Beaufort County's long history of dealing with "Acts of God." Here below is a recounting of that story - mostly in images. | Hurricane Irene, Beaufort County, Pamlico Estuary, Pamlico River, hurricane force winds

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The Hurricane Irene Story

   Hurricane Irene was an extreme weather event in Beaufort County's long history of dealing with "Acts of God." Here below is a recounting of that story - mostly in images.

    These articles descend in chronological sequence from oldest (top) to newest (bottom).

Beaufort County Government Declares a State of Emergency     1st position (oldest)

    Beaufort County is under a declared State of Emergency due to the imminent approach of Hurricane Irene. Beaufort County commissioners declared a State of Emergency, which was signed by Chairman Jerry Langley, at the special called meeting of August 25, 2011. Read more.

Hurricane Irene Update: City of Washington Declares State of Emergency     2nd position

   On August 26, 2011, in the morning just hours before the landfall of Hurricane Irene, the City of Washington declared a State of Emergency to dovetail with Beaufort County's initial countywide State of Emergency.     Read more.

Hurricane Irene Update: Storm begins to veer east, while remaining at category 2 strength     3rd position

   This could be good news for the Beaufort County / Pitt County / Craven County region. Only hours earlier the storm's track would have put the eye passing just east of Belhaven in eastern Beaufort County, North Carolina. Now the storm appears to be set to pass through eastern Hyde County, which ... read more.

Beaufort County Awaits the Inevitable     4th position

    Beaufort County steels itself against the inevitable onslaught of Hurricane Irene. Mariners, who have such a large investment in their vessels that sail the waters of the Pamlico Estuary, must secure their vessels before the giant storm slams into their safe harbor.    Read more.

Hurricane Irene Update: First, do you want the bad news or the good news?     5th position

   Now the good news: THERE IS NO GOOD NEWS ... However, I prefer sustained winds up to 100 to 105 miles per hour rather than sustained winds of around 130 miles per hour. It is the relative equivalent of maybe losing part of your roof to the hard reality of losing all of your house.    Read more.

Hurricane Irene Update: Will Beaufort County dodge the bullet?     6th position

    Hurricane Irene's eye wall, as per the latest projected model at 11:00 p.m., as exhibited below, will pass near the western shore of the Pamlico Sound. The updated path takes the storm 25 miles farther east from the 8:00 PM report, which will make a tremendous difference in the severity of the storm ... read more.

I'm back online, and fortunately still alive.     7nth position

    What may be the worst hurricane in the last 56 years (since Hurricane Hazel in 1954) has released its horrendous grip on the county I call home - Beaufort. I have endured as many of us have, but I do not remain unscathed.    Read more.

Did Beaufort County Dodge the Bullet? Not by a longshot     8th position

    Beaufort County, in central northeastern North Carolina, almost took a direct hit. I have two separate historical paths of the storm: One proved by AccuWeather that presented the storm track as further east than the second historical path presented by HUREVAC, produced by the National ... read more.

Hatteras Island after Hurricane Irene     9nth position

    Re-entry into portions of Dare County began Sunday at 2 p.m. for residents and property owners. The re-entry procedure does not include access to Hatteras Island or the Town of Duck.    Read more.

Assistance to the victims of Hurricane Irene     10nth position

    The following information is to provide residents with information related to services available as a result of Hurricane Irene's impacts. Residents are free to call the Beaufort County Emergency Operation Center at 252-946-2046 for up to date information.    Read more.

THE QUESTION: "When's the power going to be back on?"     11nth position

    "When's the power going to be back on?" That's The Question...the most frequent question we received from readers in the aftermath of Irene, after the water came back on. The most severely impacted electrical service area locally was in Southern Beaufort County, Pamlico County, and parts of Craven ... read more.

Two Days in the Aftermath of Hurricane Irene: From Photo Ops to Photo Extreme     12nth position (newest)

    On Monday, August 29, 2011, two days in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, the Emergency Management team continued their exhaustive work, but took a break to meet with the politicians, who visited Beaufort County to witness the destructive power of the massive storm.    Read more.


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