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    The experiment in inclusiveness made for some good music, but not so good in actual practice. The English people have spoken and all the pundits are aghast.

    Sometimes songs express the best of wishes and dreams and that is the beauty of music. It allows the flight of fantasy that we humans often use to delude ourselves. As an old folkie, I am no different than anyone else. My favorite songs have always been lyrically based first and then musically based secondly. My favorite group in the late 1950's was The Kingston Trio. Their mix of irreverent humor bookended with some serious subjects was one of the reasons I picked up a guitar and sang Folk Songs.

    I spent many a night at Stone Mountain with a pint of rum and some Coca-Colas singing folk songs on the walk up trail with friends. That later came to be known as a Hootenanny. Later a more polished commercial group popularized the folk era. Peter Paul & Mary were a dedicated group of liberal dreamers and I loved their songs and renditions. I was not too keen on their politics, since I was more of a realist than a dreamer.

    It should not be a surprise that when I got to Vietnam we often sang "Where have all The Flowers Gone" and "Eve of Destruction" while in basecamp. Grunt soldiers are really peaceniks at heart. They have to be, it is the banner of a reality that allows the soldier to hold two opposing thoughts at the same time.

    England just voted to leave the European Union and it has caused a stir in the financial markets as well as the network news shows. Everyone is concerned that the world will come to an end because the people have decided to take back their destiny. It remains to be seen if this is a good or bad thing.

    I felt it appropriate to pay homage to the Liberal mentality with two songs that I have always enjoyed but felt was the Anthem of a misguided judgement of human nature.

    First is the beautiful tune that completely misunderstands the reality of human life.


Imagine -1971

    Next is the continuation of the dream that has many talented and dedicated people lost in their dreams.


We are the world 1985

    Finally the A$$hole in me could not resist the final installment of this Dueling Dreams posting.

    The World Turned Up-side Down was played in 1781 at Lord Cornwall's surrender at Yorktown when his dreams of conquest were dashed by an upstart nation of Patriots.


World turned upside down -1781

Welcome back to the real world.

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( June 26th, 2016 @ 2:56 pm )
It is possible that many will misinterpret my remarks in this post. I was trying to cover an obvious parallel but some private communications indicate I may have been too opaque in the underlying reference. They are not a condemnation of the utopian wishes expressed in Imagine or the plea for help in We are the World. On the contrary, they are an example of why we need dreamers to soften the realities of the real world. We are the World raised around $69 Million dollars for African relief and Imagine made a fortune for Lennon and Yoko.

In an open letter to Paul McCartney published in Melody Maker, Lennon said that "Imagine" was "'Working Class Hero' with sugar on it for conservatives like yourself"(wiki). He may have understood his utopia was not to exist on this earth but was trying to point the way. It is ironic that John Lennon left England as a protest against the high taxation and moved to the United States where the tax treatment was more favorable. Proof positive that he was more than just a dreamer.

After the dust settles, there is still famine and boundary disputes as illustrated by the vote in Britain to leave the European Union. The reference to Cornwallis (please excuse mis-spelling in post. spellcheck again) and Yorktown is a reminder that the most successful society yet created on earth was based on individuals doing what is in their best interest with a high regard for others being able to do the same thing. It also was a dream not yet realized.

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