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Regardless, today, December 19, 2016, the Electoral College meets and they will elect Donald J. Trump as the official President-elect and soon, our president.

    But, will the Socialist Liberals accept this inevitable bitter pill?

    Incredibly, many Socialist Liberals are in such a grieving process that they can not accept the Trump presidency, which leaves these intellectual, emotional children but one recourse - to act out, and act out badly, and loudly ... often unintelligible.
Martin Sheen "wants you" to do as he says, since he has now, remarkably, become an inexplicable constitutional authority on the Electoral College issue: Above.

    Currently, here before Donald J. Trump takes Office: Liberal actors, Obama's Socialist White House, the Democrat Media, and other unprincipled Democrats are uniting to bring to the fore the non public, unpublished findings of an alleged "17 intelligence agencies" that 'the Russians hacked into Democrats' emails, and then leaked that information gained by that hacking to rig the election in Trump's favor'.

    The reasoning for Socialist Democrats, like Hussein Obama, is to: 1) seek to influence states' electors in the electoral college; 2) when that does not work, to delegitimize the presidency of President-elect Trump. Some Socialist Democrats are already calling for Impeachment of the President-elect as soon as he takes office.

    Incredibly, does anyone, with a full working brain, actually believe that an overwhelming majority of Republicans in the U.S. House will Impeach a Republican president because Liberals are whining about "illegal servers", and the Democrat definition of selective conflict of interest, or whatever other unproved problem that these Socialist Liberal "snowflakes" have with the "dreaded President-elect"?

Witness these actors, who have become fast track authorities on the Electoral College article of the U.S. Constitution. For some, one might consider which of these actors sniggered in approval of L. Hillary Clinton's "Basket of Deplorables" at this private fundraiser: Below.

    But, thankfully, not everyone agrees with those celebrities' opinion on the Electoral College, or the propriety of liberal celebrities advising Republican electors on their Constituional duty, or their patriotic duty, for that matter, to vote as they say to vote after the free and fair election by the people of each state that empanels these electors for their Electoral College. Before the election for president, all voters were informed to "Save the Day" by another set of celebrities to take the time out of their Liberal schedules to vote against Donald J. Trump.

Steven Crowder of the Louder with Crowder fame does not shrink from offering his well considered unvarnished opinion of these celebrities, who now are advising our representative electors by the sheer weight of their constitutional scholarship: 24 Pixels Below.

    The barrage of celebrity advice notwithstanding, there has been a full frontal attack on the results of this election that Socialist Liberals are having a terrible time accepting. It began with the poorly considered recounts in three battleground states (Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania), resulting in an even larger lead for President-elect Trump; and, is culminating with a barrage of harassing correspondence, even "death threats" to dissuade Republican Electors of their moral duty, some would say constitutional duty, to competently, and accurately, represent the voters of their individual states.

    So ridiculous has been this visceral condemnation of Donald J. Trump, and those that complete their duty as is their sworn duty as electors, i wrote these words on my Facebook timeline, which received a fair amount of attention:

    Today, December 19, 2016, the Electoral College will meet in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and they will collectively elect Donald J. Trump the 45th President of the United States.

    The Socialist /Liberal meltdown, notwithstanding, which was both moderately sad, but immensely funny, Donald J. Trump will become the official President-elect sometime this afternoon.

    Liberals / Socialists, other crybabies and egregiously bad losers: Today may be the day that you should collect your government issued coloring books, find a safe space, curl up with your therapy dog and find an American flag to burn, if you must, and get the Hell over it.

    You had your 8 years of Open Borders, Retreat and Surrender from ground gained in wars won, the end of Work First Welfare, Unsecured Servers for Elitists, ObamaCare, a War on Police, infinum; so, it is over for now.

    Liberals / Socialists, your Democrat Party lost the presidency, both houses of congress, soon to lose your politicized judiciary, many governorships, many state legislatures, and even an net loss of around 200 county commissions across the nation, so its over for you, for at least right now.

    You played the Socialist card, the Race card, the Gender card, the Planet card, the Fascist card, even the Species card, etc., and you got trounced.

    If you ever want to gain back your 'Elitist Liberal high ground', you need a real message, because: Other Peoples Money, if not their collective patience, is running out, and that ... is very real.

With the Democrats losing the presidency, after winning the popular vote by over 2 million votes more than the victor, Donald J. Trump: Should the constitutional provision of the Electoral College be scrapped?
  Yes, the votes for president should be concentrated in the population centers.
  No, the Electoral College provides for better representation from the less populated states.
  I rarely vote because I have little knowledge of the issues.
116 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

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( December 21st, 2016 @ 11:14 am )
Way to go Stan. You may want to do a follow-up article on the Electors. You should interview them and hear their story. They have a very interesting one to tell.
( December 20th, 2016 @ 5:47 pm )
And now the hard part; the governing begins.
( December 20th, 2016 @ 5:40 pm )
...very real, indeed.
( December 19th, 2016 @ 5:34 pm )
Electoral College Decision, state by state, is complete: Trump still slams L. Hillary by winning 304 electoral votes.

No known total for L. Hillary yet, although, there are reports that she is losing some Electoral College votes to "The Bern".

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