Meryl Streep Makes a Stand for Hollywood Principals and Unprincipled Journalism | Beaufort County Now | As our 8 year National Nightmare comes to bitter screeching halt, the silliness from all Liberals /Socialists will become the butt of many attempts to make a stand for all things partisan.

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Meryl Streep Makes a Stand for Hollywood Principals and Unprincipled Journalism

Which is perfectly fine if it all continues the Liberal /Socialist cause.

    As our 8 year National Nightmare comes to bitter screeching halt, the silliness from all Liberals /Socialists will become the butt of many attempts to make a stand for all things partisan.

    Even the Democrat Media has a new support group, the Committee to Protect Journalists. which was brought to light at the Golden Globe awards last Sunday night, when consummate actress Meryl Streep attacked the President-elect, and as a good Democrat Socialist made mention of the new committee.

    To many of us in the know, that Committee to Protect (incompetent, unprincipled) Journalists has long existed; it is the Democrat party.

    Meryl Streep, do not fret and worry your Socialist heart one more whit, the Democrat Party will continue to provide great succor to the multitudes of unprincipled, incompetent journalists, and those very "journalists" will continue their codependent relationship with Democrat politicians, where they continue to protect them on massive scandals like: ObamaCare dishonesty; waste and fraud of public to Democrat politicians; the Benghazi Cover-up, the IRS Targeting of Conservatives Cover-up; etc.,etc.

This video may seem harsh, but true; still it is the one video that I could find that is for public consumption of last night's events of 'all things Meryl: Below.'

    Some of us will continue to watch your movies, some of us won't; possibly, because there are plenty of fine actresses, many from foreign countries that are not here in America illegally, and, irrespective of your rallying call for ultra-Liberal actors to lead the charge against the rest of us Americans, we, who make up the patriot class, we will continue to exist. We will continue to consume art; we will make art, and it will be good art; if, for no other reason, there is far more to life than art. Humbling thought there, eh, Meryl?

    For us, life will go on, and if Hollywood shuts down in defiance of Donald Trump and "The Deplorables" that elected him, America will continue; maybe, even from that true "safe space", which will allow Liberals /Socialists to have the continued opportunity to say, and do the stupid stuff that you, and so many of your peers, are so intellectually familiar with.

    Hillary Clinton supporter Meryl Streep, still in a stage of recovery from DTS (Donald Trump Syndrome), also stated: ďWhen the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.Ē

    As one of L. Hillary's tens of millions of Americans occupying a place in her "Basket of Deplorables", I too feel bullied and battered by the unconstitutional presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, which Hillary Clinton claimed to the World, she would give us a third term if elected.

    In this representative government, L. Hillary's sycophants may not be members of the "Basket of Deplorables", but they do support the unconstitutional government of Barack Hussein Obama, and what would have been that of Hillary Clinton. That Meryl Streep would cite the unprincipled Democrat Media as an ally, who did not report the truth of Obama's lawless government, and L. Hillary's accompanying unlawful behavior, is a new level of hypocrisy ... even for the likes of Meryl Streep and a bevy of fawning Liberals.

With the Democrats losing the presidency, after winning the popular vote by over 2 million votes more than the victor, Donald J. Trump: Should the constitutional provision of the Electoral College be scrapped?
  Yes, the votes for president should be concentrated in the population centers.
  No, the Electoral College provides for better representation from the less populated states.
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( January 11th, 2017 @ 10:43 am )
Wow. What a thought - a principled Democrat.

It would not hurt if America had those kind of politicians again.
( January 11th, 2017 @ 9:34 am )
I have been presently surprised by the people that Donald Trump has chosen for his cabinet and team. Competence and Experience in getting results is what most people seem to think they want in their team until they find out that they may have some differences of opinion. While I remain cautiously optimistic, it appears that we may actually be seeing the C&E mantra fulfilled. As an quick aside, I see on TV where the hearings on Rex W. Tillerson have began. One of the first speakers in his favor is former Senator Sam Nunn (D). That is all I need to know. Sam is one of the principled Democrats that I have supported multiple times. I can now watch replays of the Golden Globes to see who lost.
( January 11th, 2017 @ 9:04 am )
This is exactly how my small shop is run.

Politics is not discussed here, at least not by me. I answer questions when asked, but I don't talk politics.

Why would I do that. Does it make a team member more creative or prolific in their proficiency? I don't think so, plus, I intend to have an environment that we can expand from, and I will hire someone for the reasons I would hire a Kurt Russell.

Just do "the work".
( January 11th, 2017 @ 8:19 am )
Not all actors are of the same opinion. Here is a quote from Kurt Russell about Actor opinions, followed by his appearance on the View where he explains the fantasy world of Hollywood. Both are worth the read and the watching.

ďThis is a business thatís heavily promulgated by people who have a politically liberal bent . . . I donít begrudge them that. Iím a libertarian; frankly, I think my liberalness goes far beyond theirs in a lot of ways. But yeah, we think differently, and maybe thatís cut me out of some things. I donít care. People know I get along great with all kinds of directors, all kinds of actors. And I tell you, you hire me, I will show up, 24/7, and I will give you 100%. I will help you fix whatever problems come up. You hire me, Iím your boy. Itís just, itís all about the work. And when thatís done, I am done.Ē
( January 11th, 2017 @ 7:09 am )
Meryl pretends to be other people (acting). Here, she pretends to be Hillary.
( January 9th, 2017 @ 11:03 am )
This may be the clarion call for Liberals /Socialists to take a constant stand against America righting its listing ship.

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