‘Jack Reacher’ Author Lee Child Seeks Irish Passport Over Brexit: Britain a ‘Silly and Frustrating Country’ | Eastern North Carolina Now

Author Lee Child (“Jack Reacher”) will now seek Irish citizenship over the Brexit fallout.

Publisher's note: This informational nugget was sent to me by Ben Shapiro, who represents the Daily Wire, and since this is one of the most topical news events, it should be published on BCN.

The author of this post is Paul Bois.

    Author Lee Child ("Jack Reacher") will now seek Irish citizenship over the Brexit fallout.

    "The British author, whose real name is James Grant, said he was in the process of applying for a passport as his father was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland," reports France 24.

    Speaking with the Irish Times, Child called Britain a "silly and frustrating country" for which he has no particularly high regard.

    "I haven't got the passport yet but I will do very soon, it feels like I'm cheating to be honest as I will get in the back door," said Child. "I am not a huge fan of Britain even though I was born there. It's a silly and frustrating country, which is why I moved to America."

    Lee Child had been in Berlin over the weekend speaking out against Brexit on a European "Friendship Tour" alongside authors Kate Mosse, Jojo Moyes, and Ken Follett.

    "On a four-city tour of Berlin, Madrid, Rome and, on Monday evening, Paris - the four authors, with total sales of over 300 million books, appealed to their European readers not to turn their back on the millions of U.K. citizens mortified by Brexit," reports the Irish Times.

    Lee Child simultaneously denounced British prime minister Boris Johnson as a product of privilege and elitism, saying he would be "in a wheelchair" if he came from Lee Child's upbringing.

    "If he had gone to my school, he would not now be prime minister," said Child. "He would be in a wheelchair."

    Author Ken Follett said that Brexit would create a more insulated Britain that would prevent its flourishing.

    "The fact that fewer young people will move to work in the rest of Europe will mean they will be less cosmopolitan, know less about our neighbors," said Follett. "It is a complete disaster."

    Lee Child is just one of many prominent British citizens to express dismay over Brexit. Recently, actor Patrick Stewart told a French audience he is embarrassed to be British due to 2016's Brexit vote.

    "For the last 35 years, I have been so proud to belong to a country that was part of the European Union," Stewart said. "And I am embarrassed to stand here in front of you, representing a country that is seeking to break that invaluable connection."

    "I want you to know that well more than half of the population of the United Kingdom wants to stay in the European Union," Stewart continued. "The Berlin Wall came down. The Soviet Union ended its dominance and control over so many nations. Apartheid was ended in South Africa. The Good Friday Agreement brought together [both] Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The European Union is all part of that movement, and it is a disgrace that individuals in my country are attempting to separate it."

    Prior to Patrick Stewart, music icon Elton John said in May of this year that he was ashamed to be British.

    "I'm ashamed of my country for what it has done. It's torn people apart," Elton John said. "I am sick to death of politicians, especially British politicians. I am sick to death of Brexit. I am a European. I am not a stupid, colonial, imperialist English idiot."
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