Richardson's Resolution to Re-open Beaufort County Fails 2 to 5 | Beaufort County Now | Commissioner Hood Richardson valiantly pitched the argument that Beaufort County should through off the shackles and chains of an Authoritarian governor and reopen its businesses that are arbitrarily deemed nonessential.

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    January 12, 2022 - Publisher's note: Due to a publishing SNAFU, I have been remiss in my duties, here at BCN, regarding the proper categorization of county government publications; in particular, the Enhanced County Government Videos, begun August 1, 2019.

    Therefore, to thoroughly correct this miscue, I will make the proper categorical correction, and bring these archives forward beginning on January 12, 2022; mixing these historical patterns of fact in with the current news of our day. Some posts brought forward will not be video broadcasts, but most informative posts as to who and what you Beaufort County Commissioners are, and how they govern.

Publisher's note: As time permits this weekend, I will produce additional posts regarding this historic Beaufort County Commissioner's meeting, here In the Age of Coronavirus, where much was discussed and these highest quality video segments attainable of that discussion will be segmented within each post.    Follow this link here to these posts as they are brought on line, all regarding this most important May, 2020 general meeting.

    Against the backdrop of other states reopening in reasonable and prudent stages across the United States, North Carolina remains closed for small businesses because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and while there is a tentative date to partially re-open May 8, 2020, there is that fear that North Carolina's Governor will not relinquish his iron grip on the "nonessential" businesses, many dying within his Authoritarian grip. Here in Beaufort County, there was a glimmer of hope that Beaufort County would strive to buck that existing system, and hope was lent to small businesses struggling to survive, but that flickering hope was extinguished by a majority of Beaufort County's commissioners.

    Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson dared to push against that governing grain of one man's executive orders, and valiantly pitched the argument that his county should throw off the shackles and chains of an Authoritarian governor, and reopen its businesses that are arbitrarily deemed "nonessential" by Governor Roy Cooper's executive order. The veteran commissioner made an excellent argument, with help from Commissioner Stan Deatherage who seconded Commissioner Richardson's motion and argued hard for the affirmative for small business, but to no avail.

    The resolution failed 2 to 5, with conservative Republican commissioners Richardson and Deatherage voting for the measure and Democratic Socialist commissioners Ed Booth and Jerry Langley, along with nominal Republican commissioners Jerry Evans, John Rebholz and Frankie Waters voted against the resolution to reopen small businesses here in Beaufort County in favor of the Governor's Authoritarian Approach.

The promised segmented discussion regarding just the two resolutions offered by Commissioner Hood Richardson to re-open Beaufort County: Below.

    Remarkably, considering that Governor Cooper operated outside of the spirit of an insufficiently written, and misapplied law, the nominal Republicans, who have the full support of the local Beaufort County Republican party, voted to sustain the Democratic Socialist initiatives that have destroyed a thriving North Carolina economy bludgeoned by the blunt force of this Governor Cooper's misapplied executive authority.

    This "new normal" cannot continue to exist.

    Publisher's note: Once will have the video data later in the week, we will segment this very important issue for the public's consumption.

    If you are interested in our Archive of the Beaufort County Commissioners' General Meetings can be found here in this aforementioned enhanced format.

    Additionally, if you wish to catch up on some of the most important Beaufort County Commissioners meeting of 2019 through 2022, click here.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, should Beaufort County and North Carolina continue to remain closed except for "essential" businesses favored by Governor Cooper?
  Yes, Beaufort County and all of North Carolina should remain closed until Governor Cooper grants his executive permission.
  No, Beaufort County and North Carolina should reopen NOW, in measured increments, especially in counties where the Coronavirus has had little impact.
  I don't care about the local economy; I have Netflix, plenty of money, fattening foods, and enough toilet paper to outlast this pandemic.
224 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

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( May 5th, 2020 @ 7:16 pm )
Few called me. I wonder why?

When a so-called Republican (some actually have referred to themselves as Conservatives) can be swayed by a few phone calls, you ain't got much for a politician.
( May 5th, 2020 @ 5:03 pm )
True conservatives need to realize that just because we won an election doesn't mean we the war. This would have passed if the conservatives had been deployed. Phone calls by wealthy self centered babyboomer elites won this one because they organized and had the phones ringing off the hook. We have to play smarter.

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Latest Governing Beaufort County

Each governing year, the Beaufort County Commissioners pick a chairman and vice chairman, and almost every year since December, 2004, the nominal Republicans have conspired with the Democrats to pick both positions in the center of the dais.
The Beaufort County Commissioners will get another bite at the patriotic apple, a fruit they far too often hold in great disdain, to pass this necessary resolution.
Imposter President Joseph R. Biden, America's First Idiot President, but America's second Non Patriot President, is the chronic, constant tool of the Marxists manning his administration, believes that the "Browning of America" is the harbinger to forever enact the destruction of our Republic.
Beaufort County's Commissioners, by virtue of the Police Committee, began to investigate the possibilities of whether a county police force would be viable as a supplement to a smaller Sheriff's office.
If all politics, and I will add for us here in Beaufort County governing, is local, we Beaufort County Commissioners must make a formidable stand against the Biden /Harris Open Borders and Resettlement project, or forever be resigned that we are, and will be losing our Republic.
As Beaufort County's premier internet related company, Symbiotic Networks (SNI), we create the highest quality representation of the Beaufort County Commissioners' general meeting of November, 2021 to provide for the public's complete awareness of their most important local government.
While the chairman of the Beaufort County Commissioners is certainly not "the captain of the ship", he should at least be capable of managing the conclusion of a contentious commissioners' general meeting, without storming off in a huff, unexcused.
Not unlike Pontus Pilot "washing his hands" rather than preserve the innocence of Jesus Christ when the Sanhedrin wanted Him dead, the Beaufort County Commissioners voted 4 to 3 to decline action in a matter that begged to be investigated.


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